A truck full of goods

Traditional Allgäu company Geiger donates clinic equipment

by Anna Grabner-Strobach humedica / Julia Kopaunik Geiger,  2020/06/10

Particularly in these times, medical equipment is difficult to come by. We are all the happier that the long-established Allgäu family company Geiger presented the humedica supply aid with a generous donation in kind.

The family-owned company Geiger has a long tradition. Social responsibility and engagement have always been important components of the company´s philosophy. A fact illustrated once again when the humedica colleagues received a truck full of donations in kind.

The gutting of the Schlossklinik in Oberstaufen, which was taken over by Geiger last year, offered an ideal opportunity for a donation in kind-cooperation with humedica. With the donated clinic equipment humedica can support hospitals, mainly in East-European countries. In total humedica received more than 100 hospital beds with mattresses as well as bedside tables, examination couches, bed-sets and medical costumes.

„It has been a matter of course for us to donate the equipment for a good cause“, tells us Michael Kromphorn, head of project development at the Geiger business group.

36 beds with mattresses and bedside tables are already on their way to the Ukraine. „Together with our partner organisation Childrens Mission Ukraine we support several clinics and social institutions on site, which support needy families“, explains Cecilia Homilius, humedica officer for corporate communications.

The Geiger company presents humedica with a generous donation. Jürgen Hochwind and Cecilia Homilius are glad to accept the donation in kind for humedica. Our thanks go to Michael Gunkel (project development officer at the Geiger business group) and Michael Komphorn (head of project development at the Geiger business group). Photo: Geiger Unternehmensgruppe

African clinics in Egypt, Benin and Uganda will also receive hospital beds and medical equipment, which will improve their medical care options considerably. „The relief goods are now used where they are needed most. We are very glad that we were able to support humedica with this donation“, adds Michael Kromphorn.

We join in with the Geiger business group and thank for this very kind gesture. Especially donations in kind of medical goods are very useful for the projects of humedica. Thank you very much for supporting destitute people together with us.

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