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19th of August: Day of Humanitarian Aid

Zimbabwe threatened by famine: UNO raises alarm

by Heike Knauff-Oliver,  2019/08/19

The people in Zimbabwe are in dire need of help, humedica starts emergency relief measures. Since the destructive cyclone „Idai“ the country suffers from a severe draught. Failed harvests have caused food shortages. The country is facing a famine. The United Nations (UNO) raise alarm and ask the international community to take action.

In March cyclone “Idai” caused heavy floods and landslides in East Africa. In Zimbabwe it destroyed not only vast areas under cultivation but also the infrastructure. Now a longstanding draught brings the landlocked African state to the brink of famine. In July humedica has got aid measures off the ground in cooperation with a local partner organization.

The cyclone destroyed fields, houses and streets. Photo: humedica

Johannes Peter, managing director of humedica explains: „We focus on the especially needy parts of population: small children, girls and women. Our partner organization Carmelite Sisters distributes food and provides psychological care for affected people.”

The help concentrates for one part on families in the region of Chimanimani-Chipinge in the East of the country, who have lost their livelihood due to the cyclone. Expectant and nursing mothers as well as children under five years are provided with nutritious food for a one year period. They also receive psychological care to support them to process their disaster experiences. Furthermore, food and hygiene articles are distributed to the people, who live in the refugee camp Tongogara.

humedica coordinator Heinz Horsch during his project visit to in May 2019. Photo: humedica.

According to the World Food Program (WFP) approximately five million people urgently need help – more than a third of the overall population. The severe storm damages are not yet repaired completely. Thousands of people are still homeless and severely traumatized.

Zimbabwe is facing a humanitarian disaster. Please support our work on site and donate today. Thank you very much.

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