You are never too young to do good

Pupils from the Pfarrer-Kneipp-Schule raised 8,839.05 Euro by running

by Anna Grabner-Strobach,  2019/11/20

When 466 pupils run together for the good cause, this is an outstanding project. The Pfarrer-Kneipp-Schule in Bad Wörishofen, Germany, has organized this very special event. In the course of our „Run4humedica“ campaign the school encouraged 21 classes to take part in the self-organized running event.

21 classes, 466 pupils have run for the good cause. Photo: humedica

The route around the school and in the schoolyard was marked with barrier tape. The teachers accompanied the classes one after another into the school playground to the starting point. The little participants – most of them planning to go supersonic – were most eager to start running. Their faces were filled with excitement and motivation.

My colleague Nina Göldner and I were on site to cheer on the small athletes. On the sidelines of the running track we gave high fives to our little participants – all totally cool.
It was overwhelming to watch their joy. Even so we could see that many children were strained, none of them was ready to give up. Most children completed ten rounds, one of them even did thirteen. Not only we beamed with pride – also the small protagonists of this amazing event were full of pride and joy about their performance.

Nina and I were virtually run over by joy and motivation. Photo: humedica

„We want to help people, who have nothing at all, that is our reason to run“, we are told by one of the kids.

Apart from experiencing the fun and motivation brought on by the charity run, the children have raised 8,839.05 Euro by running. My colleague Nina Göldner had the great honour to accept the appreciated donation cheque. It was handed over by the school director Bernd Petzenhauser, Ruth-Sabine Stimpfle and the class spokespersons representing the pupils.

Ruth-Sabine Stimpfle, Bernd Petzenhauser, Nina Göldner and the class spokespersons, who represented the pupils. Photo: humedica

We thank the Pfarrer-Kneipp-Schule in Bad Wörishofen for its committed engagement. We also thank for the opportunity to learn that you are never too young to do good for people in need. Many little runners have jointly achieved a great aim. Thank you so much!

Run4humedica“ is a charity run for everyone, who wants to support humedica. Everybody, who wants to engage, is welcomed to do the same as the Pfarrer-Kneipp-Schule in Bad Wörishofen - doing good by running.

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