Yemen – a country caught between war and humanitarian disaster

by Anna Grabner-Strobach,  2019/12/17

Yemen, the second largest country of the Arabian Peninsula, is torn by war and terrorism. Away from the streets and paths thousands of mines worsen the suffering of the people. The crime rate is high. On the sea, too, acts of piracy and captures are not uncommon. Prospects of peace – unthinkable. The victims are the people.

24 million of the 30 million inhabitants depend on humanitarian aid (Foreign Office 2019). Since 2017 humedica regularly sends aid transports to the tormented country containing medicaments as well as hygiene packages. But due to the further deterioration of the political situation it is hardly possible at the moment to send over containers with aid supplies.

The people are grateful for any kind of help. Photo: ADRA Yemen

In the middle of the war the people are living among ruins under unthinkable conditions. Clear water is a privilege. Living conditions are as bad as before. They do not have access to health care. The case numbers of diphtheria, cholera and measles are so high that a state of emergency has been declared.

Together with our partner on site, Adra Yemen, humedica tries to bridge the hygienic supply gap. Hygiene kits are prepared and distributed to needy persons, also in remote villages. Apart from providing basic hygienic items for everyday life the aid measures focus on the purification of drinking water. The country is not able to provide enough clean drinking water. Therefore, the hygiene kits also include water purification tablets, which offer an alternative to make polluted water usable. They contain silver ions, which purify and preserve the water in order to reduce the risks for diseases and infections.

The containers filter the filth from the drinking water. Photo: ADRA Yemen

The people in Yemen need help. For a long time now, many people lack even the simplest things of daily life. By distributing relief supplies we can help to relieve their suffering a bit. Please support the humanitarian help in Yemen with your donation.

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