World Hunger Day:

Zimbabwe – a race against time

by Heike Knauff-Oliver,  2019/10/16

No child should die from undernourishment – that is the belief of all people working at humedica. The World Food Day – aka World Hunger Day – on the 16th of October each year is meant to raise awareness: the UNO warns in its World Food Program (WFP) that while we in the Western world are supersaturated, the African country Zimbabwe is facing the worst famine ever.

Like in Zimbabwe eleven per cent of the world´s population are suffering from hunger. On the one hand extreme weather conditions and natural disasters lead to more and more crop failures, which deprive people – especially in developing countries – of their livelihood. On the other hand, there is the unjust distribution of wealth in the world. While in the Western world people worry about new diets and strive to lose pounds for health or aesthetic reasons, every ninth human being is forced to hunger due to his or her living circumstances. According to the United Nation´s World Food Program report this affects approximately 821 million people worldwide (status quo 2017), nine million people die of the consequences.

Every year more than three million children under five die of malnourishment. At the same time, according to the United Nations, each year more than 1.3 billion tons of food are thrown away. The 300 million tons of food, which are discarded each year in the industrial nations alone, would suffice to feed all starving people in the world. These prognoses are a shame, especially when so little is done. That is where we from humedica would like to start in order to help the people in Zimbabwe in their forgotten distress.

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In March Cyclone „Idai“ causes heavy floods and landslides in Eastern Africa. In Zimbabwe it destroys a big part of cultivated areas and infrastructure. A tenacious draught and the additional economic collapse plunge the African inland country into a severe crisis. Due to crop failures food is lacking. According to WFP approximately five million people are in urgent need of help – nearly a third of the world population.

Since August the UNO sounds the alarm and calls the international community to take action, because Zimbabwe is threatened by the worst famine of all times. People are in urgent need of help. But time is working against Zimbabwe: due to the dilapidated infrastructure and without direct access to the sea aid transports need weeks to reach the starving people. Most of the food must be brought in by trucks from ports in the neighboring countries.

By the end of July, humedica has therefore already started to organize relief measures in close cooperation with a local partner. They focus on families living in the East of the country, which have lost their livelihoods due to the cyclone. Pregnant and nursing women as well as children under the age of five are provided with nourishing food. Food is also distributed in refugee camps

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We deeply wish no child should die of undernourishment. If you share the same wish, let´s do something against it together. Zimbabwe is currently facing an enormous humanitarian disaster. Please help!

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