With PHILRADS at work in the Philippines

Longstanding partnership enables immediate and lasting relief work after typhoons "Mangkhut" and "Usman".

by Lisa Wolff,  2019/02/01

On the 29th of December 2018 the heavy rainfalls of the typhoon "Usman" had caused floods and landslides in the Philippines, which hit the regions of Calabarzoncal and Mimropa particularly hard. The Philippine authorities confirmed 75 casualties, many missing people and about 200.000 directly affected victims.

Zerstörung nach Taifun Usman auf den Philippinen

By the end of December the long rainfalls of the typhoon "Usman" caused massive floods and landslides in the Philippines. Photo: PHILRADS

In order to substitute the governmental relief measures our longstanding Philippine partner organisation PHILRADS decided to distribute food packages. humedica provided 10.000 Euro as emergency aid, which the PHILRADS team used to buy food locally and to distribute packages containing rice, tin cans, milk, sugar, coffee, cookies and water to 580 families in the area near Sagnay Camarines Sur and Tiwi Albay.

Mit Hilfsgütern beladener LKW von humedica und PHILRADS auf den Philippinen

The financial support of the humedica donors enabled the local partner organization to provide the people in the Philippines with food packages. Photo: PHILRADS

As in Indonesia this was not the first intervention in recent months in the Philippines. Already in September 2018 humedica had sent out the two experienced intervention team members Christiane Bähr (coordinator) and Felix Mittag (practitioner) to the area, which has been destroyed by the typhoon "Mangkhut", in order to support PHILRADS.

After the emergency aid now further relief measures are implemented to help the people on their way back to everyday life: training programs and the subsidization of company start-ups are offered as well as psychosocial support for the victims.

humedica und PHILRADS organisieren Ausbildung zum Elektriker auf den Philippinen

In order to create new and lasting income perspectives for the affected families training programs are offered – f.e. apprenticeships for electricians. Photo: PHILRADS

All participants of these job trainings are former mine workers, who are now offered the chance to secure their own existence and that of their families by their newly acquired abilities. In cooperation with local companies apprenticeships for masons, electricians, welders and carpenters are offered. humedica finances the training costs as well as three welding units, protective masks and gloves, which will be handed over to the graduates after their training as seed capital. Till then the families will receive support for everyday live expenses like the school bus for the children.

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