"We are #nichtvergesser" – a well for Pakistan

From children for children: Third graders from Siegen enable a well construction in the Pakistani village Chano Kolhi.

by Lisa Wolff,  2019/01/29

When our #nichtvergesser (#those who do not forget) exhibition "The Importance of Water" travelled to the Freie Christliche Grundschule Siegen-Rudersdorf, we were looking forward to a shared exciting photo journey through the humedica project country Pakistan. But then something special happened: a spark ignited – which in this case we would better call a whole fountain of water drops.

Worldwide, millions of people live in humanitarian crises, which have vanished from both the public and the media attention long ago. Together with other relief organizations and the Foreign Office of Germanyhumedica engages since 2017 in the #nichtvergesser campaign to remind the public of these people and their fates, for example of the people in Pakistan, which is one of the humedica project countries.

Pakistan is a land of impressive size and beauty. But a struggling infrastructure, climatic changes and recurring natural disasters pose huge challenges to its inhabitants: in many, mostly rural, regions, the women must walk for kilometers in order to provide water for their daily needs. This water is not only difficult to obtain, frequently it is not even potable. It makes people ill.

At Kiphro in the Sanghar district humedica implements various hygiene and water projects together with its local partner organisation PMS PAK Mission Society and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development since 2014. Today many wells provide clean drinking water for the village people in this area. The photographer Thomas Grabka has documented these projects in the #nichtvergesser exhibition "The Importance of Water", which now has also come to Siegen.

And initiated so much more: the children of the 3a class have not only become #nichtvergesser (#those wo do not forget) but also #möglichmacher (#facilitators).

The water project of the Freie Christliche Grundschule Siegen-Rudersdorf collected 622,33 Euros. These enabled the construction of a well in the Chano Kolhi village, which now provides the children of the local primary school with clean drinking water.

Kinder in Pakistan an Trinkwasserbrunnen von humedica und PMS

From children for children: the pupils from the primary school in the Chano Kolhi village in Pakistan put in operation the drinking water well, which was donated by the Freie Christliche Grundschule Siegen-Rudersdorf. Photo: PMS PAK Mission Society/humedica

We thank from our heart all the children, their parents and the teachers of the Freie Christliche Grundschule Siegen-Rudersdorf. Thank you so much for being #nichtvergesser!

Join in and become a #nichtvergesser, too!

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