Volunteers – Silent heroes committed to helping others

by Anna Grabner-Strobach,  2019/10/21

„You, the silent heroes, you make our work possible!“ With these words humedica general manager Heinke Rauscher made very clear how important voluntary helpers are for humedica. Whether they empty deposit containers at airports, drive trucks to collect donations in kind or answer questions about the work of humedica at info counters. There are manifold possibilities to engage pro bono. The volunteers, who bake cakes, knit caps or prepare parcels – all contribute to helping people in need in the course of the humedica Christmas parcel campaign „Present from the heart”.

General manager Heinke Rauscher welcomes all volunteers. Photo: humedica

Volunteer support is the cornerstone of our work. That is why humedica likes to say „Thank You” time and again

More than 500 active volunteers from the Kaufbeuren region in Germany are part of the humedica family and an essential factor for our work. „The real heroes are the people, who devote their time and manpower to the service of people in need“, comments Roswitha Bahner-Gutsche, too. At humedica she is responsible for coordinating the volunteer work. In the course of the festivity she was now honored for her ten-year engagement as head of the Christmas parcel campaign „Present from the heart”.

Roswitha Bahner-Gutsche at her 10th project leadership anniversary. Photo: humedica

But what motivates people to spend their time supporting a good cause? Often it is simply their own joy and happiness - as well as the wish to share their own good fortune with others. Sometimes voluntary work has changed their perspective on life. „You live your life more consciously and are more thankful for what you´ve got“, a volunteer tells us. The community´s solidarity and the shared commitment to do something meaningful is what drives many “humedicans”. „The idea to help already induces change.”

Our drivers are always glad to help. Photo: humedica

We thank all people thinking of others, who are not so well off.

For further information about voluntary engagement at humedica please look here.

Our help depends on your support.

Please stay part of this important aid and support us with an appreciated donation.

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