Visit to Negombo: humedica team talks to afflicted people

by Heike Knauff-oliver,  2019/05/02

The conditions, in which Dr. Prithiviraj, the country director of humedica Lanka, and his team are working these days are emotionally difficult. The situation after the Easter Sunday bomb attacks is still tense. The humedica team offers the traumatized victims both comfort and practical help as well as the opportunity to speak about their dreadful experiences.

A 16-year-old pupil, who has lost both parents, reports: "On the day of the explosion I was inside the St. Sebastian Church. The bomb exploded right after the Holy Communion. I had just sat down. Both my parents lost their lives in this tragic event. I am scheduled to take a biology exam for my high school graduation in August 2019. I now live with my aunt. The loss of my parents is immeasurable, they can never be replaced. I really do not know how to go on."

A family father was late for Mass. He lost his complete family: "I am the father of three girls and I drive a taxi to earn my living. I have the habit to take a bath before going to church. That is why I was late for Mass this day. When I arrived at the church, my wife and my three daughters had already left earth." He sadly points to another house and goes on: "The house over there belongs to my brother. He, too, had three children. I have not only lost my own family, I have also lost my brother and his children. Only his wife survived."

People have to live on with these experiences. Another worshipper was also late this morning: "I was late for church this morning and Mass was already coming to an end. I therefore turned to go back home. Suddenly there was a loud explosion. I was shocked to see the church crumbling down, people cried and called for help. I ran to the church to help. I was looking for people still alive but everybody I found was dead. I humbly ask to assist this community to regain its stability."

The affected people in Sri Lanka still need our help. Dr. Prithiviraj and his team give their best these days to support them. Please join in so we can continue our help!

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