Sri Lanka: flood assistance after cyclone and monsoon

humedica Lanka organises distribution of relief goods and food

by Lisa Wolff,  2019/01/30

While we in Germany were celebrating Christmas with our families and friends, more than 8.500 people in the North of Sri Lanka were being evacuated. Due to the heavy monsoon rains in particular the Mullaithivu region near Jaffna had to face massive floods, approximately 50.000 people were directly affected by these forces of nature.
The colleagues of our affiliated partner humedica Lanka were immediately on site to provide assistance. In close coordination with the local authorities and the crises management team they distributed more than 100 rain jackets, about 200 hygiene kits and mosquito nets as well as 400 food packages.

The humedica Lanka team was in no time on site in the flooded area and could quickly provide the people with important relief goods. Photo: humedica Lanka

When the passing cyclone "Gaja" had brushed the Jaffna peninsula by the end of November, the humedica Lanka team had already been on site to provide 50 affected families with hygiene kits, bed sheets and mosquito nets as well as tarpaulins to protect them from the ongoing rainfall.

humedica Lanka runs one of the in total nine GROW Centers in Sri Lanka in the Mullaithivu region. Here children find a protected place to learn, play and grow up as well as individual support.

For more information on the activities of our affiliated organisation humedica Lanka please visit

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