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Severe famine in North Korea: humedica asks for your support

by Lisa Wolff,  2019/03/07

The people in North Korea are currently experiencing a severe famine crisis. The North Korean embassy counselor Kim Hak visited in person the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren to ask for support in form of urgently needed aid supplies. humedica, already engaged in North Korea for over 20 years, now intensifies its relief efforts.

The humanitarian emergency situation in North Korea assumes life-threatening proportions: The United Nations point out that about 43 per cent of the North Korean people suffer from the food shortage, every fifth child is chronically undernourished. According to an official statement of the North Korean government at present approximately 1,4 million tons of food are lacking. The people in North Korea are in urgent need of help.

Over the last years humedica has already organised regular relief goods transports to provide hospitals and orphanages in North Korea with medicaments, medical equipment and food. During their monitoring visits our employees have always been able to verify that the sponsored goods were reliably used in these institutions in line with the agreements.

Due to the acute emergency situation these efforts are currently intensified: a longstanding partner organisation in China will acquire the urgently needed supply goods and transport them to North Korea. In May 2019 representatives of humedica will travel together with a German parliamentary delegation to North Korea to inform at first hand about the food distributions.

Even so at the moment negative headlines on North Korea prevail the media coverage, humedica asks the people in Germany urgently for solidarity and support in form of targeted donations for the starving children, women and men in North Korea:

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