Schools and accommodations for tsunami victims

humedica supports reconstruction work in Indonesia

by Sebastian Zausch,  2019/02/18

The 28th of September 2018 the earth quaked in the area near Palu, a coastal town on the Indonesian island Sulawesi.

The governor of Central-Sulawesi, Longki Djanggola, announced that – caused in particular by the subsequent tsunami - 4.340 people lost their lives and more than 14.200 people were injured. In total about 211.000 victims had to be accommodated in emergency shelters.

Due to the destruction and the at least partial damage of approximately 68.000 houses thousands of families lost their homes and countless children were not able to attend classes as 265 schools in the disaster area could no longer be used.

humedica took immediate action and sent an emergency intervention team to Palu in order to support our partner organisation Karya Alpha Omega Foundation in providing medical help for the victims and in distributing relief goods.

Today nearly 6 months have passed. Still people in Sulawesi are living in provisory accommodations. This situation is due the so-called “soil liquefaction”. This phenomenon caused whole villages to sink into the ground, alone in Balaroa, a district of Palu, 1.700 houses are supposed to have sunk into the soil.

The government is therefore closely monitoring the movements of the earth. It will not grant any building permits as long as it is not settled where new buildings can be safely constructed. humedica will then join in to support inter alia the reconstruction of schools.

humedica board member Johannes Peter describes in the following video the current situation nearly 6 months after the tsunami in Indonesia:

"Today school classes take often place in tents or under tarpaulins. There it is hot and noisy – no good conditions for concentrated learning.“ says Johannes Peter, member of the humedica board. He visited Sulawesi together with humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß to see first-hand, what the situation was like on site, to clarify what kind of help was needed and to discuss the further approach with the management of the partner organisation.

"After disasters one of the common problems is that children miss out on important school time. Especially at a time, where they are especially receptive to learning.“ explains Johannes Peter. humedica therefore supports the construction of a transitional school, which will provide better learning conditions than tents for the children until a safe and permanent building can finally be constructed.

"On top we cooperate with Alpha Omega to construct about 100 provisional accommodations, where people can live gracefully and protected from wind and rain. These will be built from lightweight materials, roofs for example will be made from dried and plaited palm leaves, which will cause no great damage in case of a new disaster, but offer the possibility for individual design.” Johannes Peter continues. He was in particular impressed by the people he met in Sulawesi: "They master their current situation in an astonishingly calm manner and are full of gratitude for the assistance of humedica and Alpha Omega.“

Please see the following video to learn more about our help in Sulawesi:

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