Rains in Kenya continue

„Help is needed urgently“

by Sebastian Zausch,  2019/11/26

Water is standing waist-high in the fields. Crops are destroyed. Photo: humedica

„It is good that we are here. People need help urgently“, says Natascha Gegg. She works as coordinator for our intervention team, which is currently assisting the victims of the flood catastrophe in Kenya. Persistent rainfall has turned the Horn of Africa into vast water areas. More than 2.5 million people in Somalia, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and the neighbouring countries are affected. This weekend more than 50 people lost their lives due to landslides in the North of Kenya.

And the rain continues, reports our team. The water is everywhere, streets and houses were washed away. A few days ago a child died in an ambulance, because it simply took too long to arrive on site, the team tells us. Once and again cars are stuck in the mud. The humedica team, too, has to make long detours, because roads are no longer passable.

The muddy earth of Kenya makes it difficult for our team to get through. Photo: humedica

Together with our partner World Concern the humedica team is on the go in the Tana River delta to help with the bare basics – and mosquito nets. „I did not imagine that the demand for mosquito nets would be so high“, says Matthias Gerloff, one of the humedica intervention team members at work in Kenya.

They make a stop in the Bandi village. A school is used as mobile clinic. The houses here are still standing, but inundated in parts and in danger of collapsing. A man tells us that he had to bring his animals 80 km away to protect them against the menacing hoof rot. Also goat pneumonia scares the farmers and threatens to deprive them of their livelihood.

See in the following video how our team helps in Bandi:

„People, who had near to nothing before, are now left with nothing at all“, says Natascha Gegg. Health care, too, is bad. „People are ill“, reports Natascha. Malaria is also a topic as well as the fear of epidemics.

And yet, the rainfall is not likely to stop for a long time. The warm sea water off the coast continues to cause heavy rains and floods. Please support our work. Give a donation. Thank you so much.

Natascha Gegg at work in the Kenyan Bandi. Photo: humedica

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