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humedica trains first responders in Indonesia

by Sebastian Zausch,  2019/08/23

Indonesia is prone to natural disasters. The state is situated on the Pacific Ring of Fire – here earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis occur particularly frequently. To prepare the inhabitants better for natural disasters and to render them more independent from foreign support humedica now educates locals to first responders.

This program is named CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams). Worldwide, it trains people how to behave in emergency situations and how to provide help as first responders. As humedica thinks this program to be a useful form of sustainable help, it now starts a series of trainings all over the world. The first training took place from 12th to 22nd of August 2019 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The certified CERT trainer Paul Cull headed the course on behalf of humedica. Our partner organization Alpha Omega (AO) supported Paul on site.

Participants of the first CERT trainings in Jakarta. Photo: Alpha Omega

Paul Cull reports enthusiastically: „The training went very well. The participants came from various organizations and were all very motivated. Especially the cooperation with our local partner Alpha and Omega was excellent. They provided all needed material and organized great schooling and exercise locations. The rescue exercises took place in a partly collapsed building, which made the training situation very realistic.”

More trainings will follow in Sri Lanka and Haiti. They will be financed and accompanied by the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren, Germany. The program covers theoretical and practical courses, which focus on various topics such as finding missing persons after a disaster, firefighting and first aid. With the help of our partners on site, we can adapt the learning topics to the special regional challenges - in monsoon regions we can for example train specifically for flooding situations.

Subsequent to the CERT trainings the participants are schooled to become trainers themselves (Training of Trainers) to pass on their knowledge through a snowball system. This sustainable aspect of the help for self-help is specifically pleasing for Paul: „It is an immense joy to see that trainers, who have been trained by me, can now transfer their knowledge to people in Indonesia and Brazil“.

David Zorn manages the CERT trainings from the humedica headquarters in Germany. In the following video he explains why these trainings play such an important role in the plan to strengthen the localization of help projects in the long run:

„These trainings are a good instrument to enhance the localization of humanitarian help. By enabling local forces to prepare better for disasters, they become able to react faster in cases of emergency. A lot faster than help can ever arrive from Germany“, explains David Zorn. „Naturally humedica will continue to send out intervention teams to disaster areas. But the first hours directly after a disaster can make the difference between life or death for many victims. Thanks to these trainings more people will receive faster and better help in the future.“

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