Pakistan: Quick help after the earthquake

How we could help thanks to your donations

by Anna Grabner-Strobach,  2019/10/23

Many earthquake areas are located in the poorest countries of the world. Pakistan is one of the countries, where inhabitants get no rest.

What little people had in the North of the country has been destroyed by the end of September all of a sudden. An earthquake measuring 5.8 hit the region Mirpur in Kashmir. Who was lucky enough to get away with his life, was left with next to nothing. When the public interest subsided, a traumatized population stood behind.

Nearly the whole region has been destroyed by the earthquake. Photo: humedica

39 people were killed and more than 700 hurt. The earthquake wrecked 500 houses and damaged nearly 4.000. Many people lost all their possessions. They were so afraid of aftershocks that they slept on the road.
Infrastructure, power and water supply were paralyzed. The most vulnerable part of the population, children, women and elder people, were hit the hardest.

The infrastructure was damaged severely. Photo: humedica

Your support enabled humedica to cooperate with its longstanding partner PAK Mission Society in building emergency accommodations and in quickly providing the victims with basic supplies.

The 200 winter hardy tents, distributed to needy families, offer some protection against the weather and the cold. In the days after the earthquake we also provided the people with approximately 3.500 litres of drinking water and two meals a day.

The tents offer the needy people protection from the weather. Photo: humedica

Without these supplies the people would have nothing. In such a situation also clean drinking water is unthinkable. Luckily, we were able to provide the victims with clean water and food thanks to your support.

It will still take months before this region will have recovered and the people will get back their everyday lives at least to some extent after this natural disaster. Winter is coming and most of the houses are still in ruins. Your donations enabled the first steps to help the people survive after the catastrophe. Thanks for your donations – only together we can help people in need.

Our help depends on your support

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