Nine months after earthquake and tsunami: help for Sulawesi

Joint reconstruction aid of humedica and Karya Alpha Omega Foundation in Indonesia


The 28th of September 2018 the lives of Dalmin, Ratu and Kevin changed completely in the wink of an eye: the people on the Indonesian island Sulawesi were helpless against earthquake and tsunami. They lost family members and all their belongings. The local infrastructure collapsed completely.

humedica supported the emergency aid of its Indonesian partner organisation Karya Alpha Omega Foundationwith a three-person team. But the relief measures still continue even nine months after the disaster.

In the meantime 12 provisory houses have been built in Dalmin´s village, Ratu and Kevin can attend school again. But best let them tell you themselves:

The humanitarian aid in Sulawesi was and is made possible by your support. In the name of all involved we would like to thank you for your commitment. Unfortunately, Indonesia is hit by natural disasters again and again – in 2018 alone three times already. Please stay at our side and enable us to continue our quick and sustainable help for people in need in the future.

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