Merry Christmas – Christmas greetings from Heinke Rauscher and Johannes Peter

by Heinke Rauscher / Johannes Peter,  2019/12/23

Dear intervention team members, dear volunteers, dear supporters, dear donors, dear humedicans:

2019 was a busy, moving as well challenging year. Once again, we were able to assist many people in various, partly existential crises. Many thanks to all, who made this help possible!

At Christmas, after a long year of targeted support, we at humedica bid farewell for our company holiday, which will end on Epiphany: from the 7th of January 2020 on we will be back at your service again. We hope and pray for a peaceful and contemplative Christmas time.

Before starting our short rest, we would like to say goodbye with a personal message from our general managers Heinke Rauscher and Johannes Peter:

We wish you and your families a merry and blessed Christmas and a happy new year! Let´s join again to make a difference also in the year to come!

Your humedica team

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