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Land under water: humedica helps after flood disaster in Iran

by Lisa Wolff,  2019/05/01

Rainfall for days on end caused massive floods in Iran. In the province Lorestan in the Western part of the country about 30.000 families have lost all their belongings. humedica is engaged in Iran since emergency interventions after several earthquakes. Our local coordinator Cyrus Ghiasi, who has travelled for us to the affected region Lorestan, reports about devastating destruction. The people there urgently need our help. Please support our emergency aid in Iran! Thanks a lot!

"The people are just standing there feeling totally lost. The misery is huge." tells us humedica coordinator Cyrus Ghiasi after his return from Pol-e Dochtar. Here in the province Lorestan in the Western part of Iran many people have lost all their livelihood in the floods. "The warning system has worked well so that, luckily, there was only a small number of fatalities, but many people are now left with nothing." Cyrus continues. According to the province government here alone approximately 30.000 families have lost 70 up to 100 per cent of their household goods.

Together with the Iranian organisation ‚Red Crescent‘ and the local authorities Cyrus tries to gain an overview of the situation for humedica in order to coordinate as fast as possible suitable relief measures for the victims. "The food supply is quite well." says Cyrus. "But the people in Pol-e Dochtar urgently need also clothes, blankets and hygiene articles. At the moment we are helping them to clear the mud brought on by the water masses from their remaining belongings."

Küchenutensilien die nach den Überschwemmungen im Iran mit Schlamm bedeckt sind.

When the water retreated, it left a thick layer of mud on all objects, which had been buried below. Photo: humedica

We would like to assist the people in Pol-e Dochtar in this difficult situation. While helping with the distribution of important emergency relief goods we keep close contact with other organisations and institutions in Iran as we aim to provide the kind of help, which the Iranians need most urgently at the moment.

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