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Kaufbeuren city run for the benefit of humedica projects

Revenue enables access to clean water for people in Pakistan


The first VWEW city run Kaufbeuren on the 21st of September 2019 does not only start a new running series, but also a new charity campaign in the region. Part of the attendance fees will benefit humanitarian projects of humedica and the Lions Club Kaufbeuren. Co-initiators of this event are the city of Kaufbeuren as well as VWEW-energie, the AOK Kaufbeuren-Ostallgäu and the km Sport-Agentur.

Running inspired the idea for the first VWEW city run Kaufbeuren. Two times a week, during lunch break or after work, the humedica running team members put on their trainers and hit the road to explore the forests surrounding the Kaufbeuren headquarters. In 2017 Dr. Markus Groß, the current Lions Clubs Kaufbeuren president, joined the running group. A little bit later on, also Bernd Ruppert, the AOK Kaufbeuren-Ostallgäu director, tagged along. The committed support by the city of Kaufbeuren, specifically its head mayor Stefan Bosse and Alfred Riermeier (Youth and Family Desk), finally tipped the scales to initiate the city run Kaufbeuren campaign with the support of the experienced and passionate km Sport-Agentur. Title sponsor VWEW-energie is the namesake of this sports event.

„We wanted to get the Kaufbeuren citizens excited about this event and to motivate them to exercise“, says Dr. Markus Groß, Lions Clubs Kaufbeuren president and co-initiator of the city run. On the 21st of September 2019 it will offer two different track lengths to accommodate adults (5 and 10 km) as well as children (1 and 2 km). Start and finish point of the VWEW city run Kaufbeuren will be the Kaufbeuren city center. In the forefront of the running events a Health Day will take place as part of the „Healthy Municipality“ program. Eight Euro of each attendance fee will benefit the social engagement of the two campaign initiators humedica and Lions Club Kaufbeuren. The fees paid for the children´s runs will be donated without any deduction. Each runner can also top up his or her attendance fee with a donation of his choice. With its part of the revenue humedica will enable access to clean water for people in Pakistan.

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