„Involved with heart and soul“

humedica in conversation with our volunteer Uwe Richter

by Heike Knauff-Oliver,  2019/12/05

Uwe Richter is married with a daughter. He is born in Bayreuth, Germany. Retired, the former chemist and his wife now live in Buchloe, approximately 10 kilo meters from Kaufbeuren. Since 2014 he works as a volunteer for humedica. If Rosi (project manager responsible for the humedica campaign “Present from the heart”) asks for support, Uwe is ready to help. He appreciates the informal and close cooperation. Therefore, Uwe Richter also readily agreed to come to the Kaufbeuren headquarters in order to be interviewed for the yearly report 2017. Like in a family we are on first name terms.

Dear Uwe, you engage as a volunteer for humedica. How did you come to this commitment?

I first heard of humedica when reading a newspaper report about „Present from the heart“. I got curious and wanted to hear more about this campaign. I learned that parcels for children were involved – presents for Christmas. Then I wanted to know what this was all about. I was impressed to hear that this initiative aimed to do something for needy children – children, who otherwise do not get any presents at all or only very small ones. I got in contact to support the collection. It has been so much fun to collect the parcels in kindergarten and schools nearby. This was the start to help out otherwise, too. When I was asked afterwards „Could you also do this or that“ I voluntarily agreed and so the collaboration took off.

What do you do for humedica, how exactly does this cooperation work?

I am now a steady volunteer. If Rosi from humedica needs my help, I come – I am always on standby. I do everything which needs to be done: I pick up humedica guests from the airport in Munch or Memmingen and bring them back again. I fetch donations in kind from companies such as beds, toys, nappies, dressing materials and the likes of it. And, naturally, I support “Present from the heart”. Every year I am a fixed member of the team comprising about 20 drivers and co-drivers. As a driver I already know most of the routes by heart. Each year again, this is fun. We are a great team and enjoy our work very much.

Uwe has been on board for many years. Photo: humedica

Why did you choose humedica?

humedica´s engagement impresses me. The intervention teams are quickly on site everywhere in the world if a catastrophe takes place. Whether Haiti, Mexico or India, humedica is on site in the disaster area in no time. Motivated colleagues as well as medical teams provide excellent work. I also donate to humedica, because I am convinced that my contribution arrives directly where it is needed. I appreciate this fact, it is the reason why I also engage myself voluntarily in every sense of the word. I also support the Christian values that guide humedica in its work. In my opinion, Christian values and help belong together.

As a pensioner there are probably a lot of other things, you wanted to do … why do you engage as a volunteer, what do you get out of it?

Things have always worked out well for me. I had my work and I also did well in my private life. This gratefulness motivates me to share some of my luck to help people, who are not always on the sunny side of life. It brings fulfillment and happiness. Like a „Street-Grandpa“ I enjoy to take care of the children from our neighborhood. It is important to weigh in the society today. I have many hobbies: cycling, mountain hiking and skiing. Outdoor, I gain new strength from nature, which I like to use for my volunteer work. My wife and me also love to travel. But we still have enough time to do this all. A pleasant aspect of volunteer work is that you can always say „no“. Rosi then calls again nevertheless and when it is convenient, I voluntarily hit the road again. We truck drivers a reliable and great team.

Would you recommend this kind of volunteer engagement also to other people you know?

In any case. It is fun time and again, because the community and the collaboration with the humedica employees is great. All are highly engaged and motivated. The medical teams, who help with heart and mind where it is needed, the employees and the volunteers, all the people are always in good spirits. We are like a big family. I can just recommend everyone to give it a try. Helping others somehow helps oneself, too. Helping brings contentment true to the motto: Do a good deed every day. It also brings the good feeling of being still needed and of use for others.

What do you wish for your work with and at humedica?

Children and education are important for our future, I therefore love to support humedica in this field. I wish that humedica will be able to continue its work as successfully as today. That it will carry on giving children and youths the chance for a better life also in the future. That humedica will be able to continue its work for a long time, that it will receive enough donations to do so, because its work depends on them. And I wish that I stay healthy enough to engage myself for a long time to come. I wish humedica all the best and God´s blessing!

Dear Uwe, thank you so much for this conversation.

This interview was conducted by Heike Knauff-Oliver.

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