Project Stories:

„humedica´s support has changed my life.“

A story from Ethiopia

by Miriam Barta und Heike Knauff-Oliver,  2019/09/13

Buzunesh, her husband and her four children live in Bishoftu in the South-East of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. Last year she has participated in one of the new-entrepreneur trainings of humedica. In total 163 persons have attended these schoolings, 137 of them were women.

After having worked out a concrete business plan 57 persons received seed capital to start their businesses. Buzunesh was one of them. The mother has ambitiously developed her business concept. By buying and selling cereals she helps to provide her neighbourhood. He revenue now safeguards the livelihood of her family.

Buzunesh is able to support her family with her own business. Photo: humedica

Before Buzunesh received support by humedica, she and her husband worked as day labourers. Their low income was not enough to cover the school fees for their children. „humedica´s support has changed my life“, she says full of gratitude. The revenue of her business enables her to pay for the school attendance of her children. The family could expand the small house, they were already living in. Buzunesh was even able to save some more of the money. Her life has evolved noticeably and positively.

Quick help after disasters and for a sustainable help out of misery

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Sustainable help for parents and children

Presently, we care for 384 needy families, in total 1,464 persons, in the course of the humedica family projects in Jijiga, Bishoftu and Kazanchis. humedica funds medical care for the families and provides them with hygiene articles and food packages. Additionally, humedica offers sustainable help for self-help: income-generating measures such as start-up trainings and the provision of seed capital, which enable the families to build up self-reliant lives.

Parents are trained to set up their own business and to secure the livelihood of their families through their own efforts. Meanwhile, their children attend school or kindergarten. This gives their parents the time to work and to attend the trainings.

Your regular support makes our educational projects for children and adults possible. Your donation enables parents like Buzunesh and her husband to feed their children and to send them to school. You make a difference

Quick help after disasters and for a sustainable way out of misery

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