humedica sends out intervention team to Kenya to provide flood relief assistance

Eastern Africa: Floods and their consequences threaten people

by Heike Knauff-Oliver,  2019/11/12

Great need after persistent rainfall in the East African countries. humedica sends out medical intervention team. Partners on site currently provide emergency aid.

According to the humedica partner World Concern the countries Somalia, South Sudan, Kenya and Ethiopia are hit particularly hard. After it has been raining for weeks in East Africa hundred thousands of people are threatened by floods and have to flee to higher areas. In total more than 2.5 million people suffer from the water masses.

The houses of the people living at the border of the Kenyan Tana river are flooded. Photo: Worldconcern

A humedica intervention team, equipped with bare basics such as medicaments, is expected to set off tomorrow from Frankfurt to support the relief work in Kenya for a start. The humedica team consisting of Natascha Gegg (Künzelsau), Dr. Oliver Emmler (Heidelberg), Dr. Greta Burmeister (Rostock), Matthias Gerloff (Ammerbuch) and Denise Weihing-Gnehm (Gomaringen) will focus on medical aid.

The most affected areas are in the coastal region in the Tanan river delta. The villages were caught off guard as there is no early-warning mechanism. More than 70% of the accommodations, for the most part made of clay, are damaged to the extent of being inhabitable. The hygiene conditions in the region are disastrous, which has already caused an increase in malaria infections. Further flood health consequences such as a Cholera outbreak and a rise in other diseases like Malaria and diarrhoea become more probable. Due to the poor state of the infrastructure damaged by the rain torrents, most health institutions are difficult to reach. Medication as well as mosquito nets are lacking. The need for supply goods is high: mosquito nets, drugs against skin diseases as well as malaria. The humedica intervention team will provide health care in remote villages.

Many People fled into temorary huts. Foto: World Concern

Most of the wells currently in use are contaminated. People use untreated water in the household and are therefore at risk from diseases transferred by water. They urgently need water purification and cleaning agents. 70% of the houses were damaged, most people have been driven from their farms and houses. Currently, they are living with their neighbours and relations in the higher regions. The people on site are in dire need not only of a tent above their heads, but also of a perspective in their flooded home country.

The food supply of the people, too, is at risk. Rain torrents have swamped the farms, crops are severely damaged or even completely destroyed. .

The need of the people in Eastern Africa is great. humedica cooperates with its longstanding local partner World Concern to support the victims as fast as possible. humedica depends on your donations. Please assist us to help the people and to bring them new hope!

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humedica needs your donations. Please support us, so that we can help the people and bring them new hope!

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