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humedica nominated for PR Picture Award 2019

Photo „At eye level“ on shortlist of well-known media award

by Heike Knauff-Oliver,  2019/08/14

A photography of humedica is nominated for the well-known PR Picture Award. An expressive photography of Jasper Ehrich represents humedica in the category „NGO“. The photographer had taken the picture of Professor Dr. Stiegler titled „At eye level“ in the course of a medical intervention.

Two times a year the German physician travels for humedica to Benin to operate on site. Additionally, he trains local surgeons. He schools practitioners as well as nurses and assists their consultation hours. In the sense of the mutual transfer of knowledge he works and operates with his colleagues in Benin at eye level.

humedica supports him by providing and transporting the medical material, which is needed on site for the help.

Nominated for humedica at the PR Picture Award: Prof. Dr. Stiegler and his colleague at work in Benin. Photo: Jasper Ehrich

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The problems of the small country Benin and its inhabitants do not receive much media attention in view of the many big global crises. But the challenges, which the Western African state has to face, are anything but small: in international comparison Benin is one of the poorest countries of the world.

More than a third of the ten million inhabitants live below poverty level and have to fight for survival every day. Into the bargain come also bad medical standards. In particular in rural regions many people suffer from insufficient medical care and precarious hygiene conditions. Who falls ill and does not belong to the small circle of privileged persons, has a major problem.

For more than ten years now humedica engages in Benin to support the people in improving this situation. humedica for example provides clinics with urgently needed equipment - often the only possibility for hospitals to treat ill and injured patients.

The photographer Jasper Ehrich accompanied Professor Dr. Stiegler on one of his interventions in Benin. The now nominated photography „At eye level“ shows the professor operating with a colleague from Benin.

Every year, the dpa daughter news aktuell honors six categories of excellent photography with the PR Picture Award.

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