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humedica helps monsoon victims in India

by Sebastian Zausch,  2019/07/16

The humanitarian organization humedica in Kaufbeuren supports the monsoon victims in Asia with short-term emergency relief aid. Its local partner Emmanuel Hospital Association will assist humedica to provide especially affected people in the North Indian state of Bihar with food and water.

Currently, the monsoon brings heavy rainfall to wide parts of Asia. Nepal, Bangladesh and the North of India have been hit especially hard. Rivers overflowed, complete villages were flooded and houses were destroyed. More than100 people have lost their lives till date, thousands were injured, numerous lost their homes. In the Northern federal states alone live more than 4.5 million people, who suffer from these water masses.

In Bihar, one of the poorest Indian states, people had to flee from the downpour, too. Many of them now live on the streets. To relieve the worst misery humedica distributes food packages via its partner organization Emmanuel Hospital Association. The rations consist mainly of rice, pulses and other calorific nutrition as well as water purification tablets.

„In a first step we provide approximately 1,000 people with emergency assistance rations“, reports humedica general manager Johannes Peter. „We are monitoring the situation closely in order to be able to assist the people with other relief measures if necessary. Please support our help with donations.“

Many houses in the Indian federal state of Bihar are submerged. Photo: humedica

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