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humedica helps in Sri Lanka and the Philippines

by Steffen Richter,  2019/01/08

These were eventful holidays and also an exciting turn of the year for the helpers in the red humedica vests. While a three-person team set off on Christmas Eve to assist the eight Indonesian emergency operatives in their efforts to help the survivors of the tsunami, the Kaufbeuren organisation organised and supported the help for the victims of the floodings in Sri Lanka and the Philippines.
Very likely also due to the climatic change, the stormy and rainy seasons does obviously not follow any longer their yearly routines and seem to get more massive worldwide with regard to both quantity and quality. At the moment heavy rainfall caused by the typhoon “Usman” hit in particular the North of Sri Lankas and the regions of Calabarzoncal and Mimropa in Philippines. The officially confirmed numbers of both disasters are alarming: the Philippine authorities deplore 75 fatalities, many still remain missing and nearly 200.000 people are directly affected. In the various villages around Jaffna more than 8.500 people had to be evacuated, about 50.000 people have been directly affected by the floods.

"We have decided immediately and very quickly that we must support the people in Sri Lanka and the Philippines.", says Wolfgang Groß, general manager of humedica. "In Sri Lanka a team of our affiliated organisation humedica Lanka has already implemented first emergency measures, in the Philippines we assist the efforts of our local partner PHILRADS, with whom we work in close cooperation since many years."
The current relief efforts focus in particular on the distribution of now urgently needed supply goods. "It is important to give the victims the chance to look ahead.", Wolfgang Groß adds. At the moment it is still not clear whether further reconstructions measures will take place in the following weeks.
"In the last years it has paid off for our teams from Germany to collaborate with local enterprises and to make the most out of the potential of our affiliated organisations.“ explains Wolfgang Groß humedica´s various ways of engagement.

humedica aks the people in Germany to provide specific support for these interventions. Thank you so much.
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