humedica headlines October 2019

humedica headlines October 2019

by Nina Göldner,  2019/10/09

+++Hockey for Hope gives 1.500 Euro +++Töpfer donates baby food and care products +++Consumable supplies for hospitals from Hell+Co GmbH+++City run brings 2.222 Euro for water projects in Pakistan+++Charity Cat e.V. contributes Puma clothes for Present from the heart+++

Hockey for Hope gives 1.500 Euro

Heidi Vaassen (humedica) and representatives from other organizations receive a donation of hockey for hope. Photo: humedica

For the third time already our friends from Hockey for Hope e.V. have organized a charity tournament for the benefit of humedica and others. The chairman of the club Alexander Uhrle was glad that Hockey for Hope e.V., which in the meanwhile has not only become the biggest German inline hockey tournament, but also the biggest European charity inline tournament, was able to support our day care centre in India. Thank you so much for this generous donation.

Töpfer donates baby food and care products

humedica employee Cornelia Reich is glad about the donation in kind from Töpfer. Photo: humedica

The Töpfer company has been supporting us for years with donations in kind, which help concretely those human beings, who are most dependent on our help: newborns and small children. This time we were happy to receive several palettes of care products, which will find their way into the „present from the heart“ parcels as well as baby food for our Romanian partner. We say a cordial “God bless you”!

Consumable goods for hospitals from the Hell+Co GmbH

Our expert for supply aid already knows, where the Hell+Co packages are needed most urgently. Photo: humedica

Not only in disaster areas, but also in the poorer regions or Europe hospitals fight against the lack of medical day-to-day supply like dressings, patches and other consumable medicinal goods. Therefore, the donation of Hell + Co. GmbH will leave very soon our storehouse to improve the medical care in one of our East-European neighboring countries. Thank you very much!

City run brings 2.222 Euro for water projects in Pakistan

Most literally, humedica chairwoman Heinke Rausche keeps on running for the good cause. Photo: humedica

It was a fantastic event with many enthusiastic runners. Last but not least thanks to the support of the many volunteers, the VWEW City Run Kaufbeuren was great fun for all ages. At the end of the event we were so lucky to receive 2.222 Euro for our water projects in Pakistan. Our thanks go to all, who made this run possible.

Charity Cat e.V. contributes Puma clothes for Present from the heart

Packed in our Christmas parcels these jumpers will warm more than just hearts. Photo: humedica

The employees of the sporting goods manufacturer PUMA have founded their own charity organization called Charity Cat e.V.. Just now it sent over a charge of sporting clothes, right on the spot for the start of our campaign “Present from the heart”. In some of the Christmas parcels the warm jumpers and caps will provide lots of joy this year. humedica says “Thank You”!

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