humedica headlines May 2019

humedica-Schlagzeilen Mai 2019

by Sebastian Zausch,  2019/06/03

+++ Anniversary event a great success thanks to support of many companies +++ Event-Systeme Veranstaltungstechnik supports with technical equipment +++ Sparkasse Kaufbeuren donates 1.000 Euro for jubilee project +++ Frauenbund Fischen hands over 1.000 Euro cheque +++ Recycled Schöffel trousers for people in need +++ Bottle deposit collection at Friedrichshafen Airport brings 3.000 Euro for humanitarian aid +++ Volunteers wanted for bottle deposit projects in Memmingen, Friedrichshafen and Baden-Baden +++ Ladies Circle 19 Kempten deposit campaign +++ Lohmann und Rauscher donates elastic bandages +++ Donations in kind of unizell medicare +++ Suture material of Menke Med +++

humedica anniversary a great success thanks to the support of many companies

The 40th humedica anniversary was a big success – thanks to our many guests and the support of numerous companies. Photo: humedica

humedica became 40 and all came to party. From all over the world people arrived to take part in the big jubilee weekend of our aid organisation and to say good-bye to the humedica co-founder and general manager Wolfgang Groß. He retired and handed symbolically over his red vest to his two successors Heinke Rauscher and Johannes Peter. More than 1.000 people came to our Open Day at the Kaufbeuren headquarters in Germany to learn more about our work. In the premises of the Neugablonz Immanuel community the Iveco Bigband gave a charity concert for the benefit of our jubilee project. On Sunday the official ceremony took place in the event hall Flohwiese in Pforzen with more than 400 invited guests. This was made possible by the engagement of many volunteers and the support of numerous companies. The Frey Textilreinigung in Burgau for example donated towels, the V-Markt shower gel and spices, and Schwermer in Bad Wörishofen provided chocolates as a Thank You for especially deserved volunteers. The Kaufbeuren Wasserwerke gave 70 crates of water for our helpers and guests. Thank you very much also to the gospel group Go for Soul and the Alphornbläser Ottobeuren-Boos, who created an appropriate festive atmosphere for our ceremony.

Event-Systeme Veranstaltungstechnik supports with technical equipment

Alexander Schestak from Kaufbeuren has been supporting humedica for a quite long time. His company Event-Systeme Veranstaltungstechnik has already supplied many humedica events with good sound and reliably functioning technical equipment. He now also supported our anniversary and provided his technical equipment for free. The humedica ceremony as well as the presentations at our Open Day would not have been possible without his assistance. Thank you very much, Alexander Schestak, for your longstanding support.

Sparkasse Kaufbeuren donates 6.000 Euro for jubilee project

The Chairman of the Kreis- und Stadtsparkasse Kaufbeuren, Franz Endhardt, presented 6.000 Euro for the benefit of our jubilee project "Children and Education" to the humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß. Photo: Yves Hebinger/ humedica

humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß asked for jubilee project donations instead of presents. Its children and education projects offer children and their families in Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, Ethiopia and the Kosovo better prospects for the future. In these countries humedica runs several kindergarten, schools and day care centers for children and supports their parents, too, to set up their own businesses. The Kreis- und Stadtsparkasse Kaufbeuren now supported our jubilee project with 6.000 Euro. Its chairman Franz Endhardt handed over the donation cheque to Wolfgang Groß on the sidelines of the festivities.

Frauenbund Fischen hands over 1.000 Euro cheque

Also the Catholic Frauenbund Fischen brought a cheque for the anniversary. The organisation supports the work of humedica since many years. On the fringes of the anniversary festivities it presented a 1.000 Euro donation cheque to Wolfgang Groß and his successor Heinke Rauscher. Thank you so much for this support, which we appreciate very much.

The Frauenbund Fischen presented a 1.000 Euro donation cheque to the two humedica chair members Heinke Rauscher (to the right) and Wolfgang Groß. The money will benefit our children and education projects. Photo: Yves Hebinger/humedica

Recycled Schöffel trousers for people in need

Give back your used trousers to help people in need. This gives a brief outline of the campaign initiated by the outdoor wear manufacturer Schöffel. The company takes back used trousers, recycles them and passes them on to humedica. They can then benefit needy people in projects all over the world. "I am glad that with our recycled clothes we can contribute to the work of humedica and act sustainably at the same time." tells us Peter Schöffel, the managing partner of the clothing manufacturer. Wherever Schöffel products are sold, you will also find collection boxes for used trousers.

Such boxes wait for your used trousers. After recycling they will benefit people in need in our supply projects. Photo: Schöffel.

Bottle deposit collection at Friedrichshafen Airport brings 3.000 Euro for humanitarian aid

In front of the security check at airports you often have the opportunity to put your used deposit bottles in special collection containers. The airports Memmingen, Friedrichshafen and Baden-Baden pass on the complete bottle deposit revenue to benefit international projects of humedica. The Bodensee Airport supports humedica since 2016 with this special campaign. Last year 2.883,08 Euro were collected, which the airport rounded up to 3.000 Euro. The airport general manager Claus-Dieter Wehr now handed over the donation cheque to humedica employee Miriam Barta. "We are very glad about this positive collaboration." says Wehr while presenting the cheque.

Volunteers wanted for bottle deposit projects in Memmingen, Friedrichshafen and Baden-Baden

The bottle deposit campaigns will continue at all three airports also in 2019. These campaigns depend on the help of the volunteers, who regularly empty the bottle containers. We are therefore looking for voluntary helpers, who assist us in emptying the containers at the airports in Friedrichshafen, Memmingen and the Baden-Airpark and thus contribute significantly to the funding of our projects. If you would like to support us, please contact Miriam Barta via mail m.barta@humedica.org or tel. 08341/966148-61. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Ladies Circle 19 Kempten bottle deposit campaign

Also the Ladies Circle 19 Kempten has done a good deed with deposit bottles. In the course of their "Pfandraising" campaign they had positioned themselves for four hours in front of the Kaufmarkt in Waltenhofen and asked customers to donate their bottle deposit receipts. They now handed over the campaign´s 166,85 Euro revenue to humedica employee Miriam Barta in Kaufbeuren. "Many clients already knew humedica and therefore donated their bottle deposit receipts very willingly." describes Maria Langenmayr the reaction of many supporters. The Ladies Circle 19 Kempten regularly organises such campaigns. It had already supported humedica in 2015 with a similar activity. Thank you so much.

Maria Langenmayr, Nicole Satler and Anna Gabler of the Ladies Circle 19 Kempten presented the revenue of the “Pfandraisingaktion” to humedica employee Miriam Barta. Photo: humedica

Lohmann and Rauscher donates conforming bandages

The Lohmann und Rauscher company has been supporting humedica for nearly 40 years regularly with donations in kind. The designer, manufacturer and provider of medical and hygiene products now donated 90 palettes of conforming bandages. These are urgently needed in many of our medical relief projects. We would like to address our thanks for this important contribution to our work to the people responsible at Lohmann und Rauscher.

humedica employee Cecilia Homilius is glad about the donation in kind of Lohmann und Rauscher. Photo: humedica

Donations in kind of unizell medicare

Donations in kind are very important for our relief projects. A lot of medical products are not even available in some of the countries, where our partners provide medical care. Hence our supply aid department supports them regularly with relief goods like the incontinence products now provided for free by unizell medicare. 24 palettes found their way to our storehouse and will now travel on to our partners on site. We would like to say Thank You to the unizell medicare company for this appreciated support.

humedica employee Damien Marion highly appreciates the donation of unizell medicare for our international projects. Photo: humedica

Suture material from Menke Med

The Menke Med enterprise from Haar near Munich, Germany, has donated suture material worth nearly 20.000 Euro. This will allow our partners in Moldavia, Romania, Togo and the Ukraine to treat adequately ill people on site. We are very glad to have the Menke Med company at our side.

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