Humedica headlines March 2019

Humedica headlines March 2019

by Sebastian Zausch,  2019/03/29

+++Bottle deposit vouchers bring in 12.000 Euro: Allgäu Airport and V-Markt support humedica +++ Wanted: volunteers for deposit bottle projects in Memmingen and Karlsruhe+++humedica as Magirus Award mentor+++Lions-Club Kempten Müßigengel donates 1.000 Euro for emergency and disaster relief +++Füssen Schindaufest proceeds go to people in need +++

Bottle deposit vouchers bring in 12.000 Euro: Allgäu Airport and V-Markt support humedica

In April 2016 a very special charity campaign has started at the Memmingen Airport in Germany to support our work: in front of the security check points passengers can put their empty deposit bottles in special collection containers. Volunteers then collect the donated bottles and redeem their deposits in the local V-Markt. Now Andreas Loritz (head of Non-Aviation Airport Memmingen), Stephan Wienerl (assistant store manager V-Markt Memmingen) and Lisa Wolff (humedica) met to hand over the donation revenues of this project. They were accompanied by ten humedica volunteers, who empty the collection containers on a daily basis. The 11.175 Euro donation cheque was presented at the airport terminal. This sum, which has been redeemed by the V-Markt Memmingen, was joined by further 1.136,62 Euro collected in other markets. Thanks to the Memmingen bottle deposit campaign we can now use 12.311,62 Euro in total to support people in need. „The bottle deposit campaign is very special to us.“, underlines humedica employee Lisa Wolff in Memmingen. „Once and again it is both moving and motivating to see how many partners take part in this campaign. Not only the Allgäu Airport and the V-Markets, but also our volunteers make this campaign possible in the first place.“

Andreas Loritz (Airport Memmingen), Stephan Wienerl (V-Markt Memmingen) and Lisa Wolff (humedica) together with the volunteers at the donation presentation in the Memmingen Airport. Photo: humedica

Today 12 humedica volunteers handle the daily emptying of the collection containers as well as the transport of the deposit bottles to the V-Markt. Thanks to this donation humedica can support important projects such as the children day care in the Kosovo or the current famine relief work in North Korea, which is in urgent need of funding.

Wanted: Volunteers for bottle deposit projects in Memmingen and Karlsruhe

Deposit bottle projects for the benefit of humedica are currently on in the three German airports: Memmingen, Friedrichshafen and Karlsruhe. This valuable support of our work is possible thanks to the engagement of the many volunteers, who organize the emptying of the collection containers. At the moment we are looking for active supporters at the Baden-Airport in Karlsruhe and the Allgäu Airport in Memmingen. If you are interested to engage in this project, please contact Cornelia Reich via mail or tel. 08341 966 148 46..

humedica as Magirus Award mentor

Since it´s kick-off in 2012 the Conrad Magirus Award has become an institution of the firefighting world. Among experts it is even called the „Oscar of the firefighting sector“. It is awarded to firefighter teams from all over the world, which have excelled in special interventions. Humedica co-founder and general manager Wolfgang Groß and our longstanding intervention team member Daniel Warkentin now had the honor to hand over the coveted statue to the award winners in Ulm, Germany. „Teamwork can save lives – a fact, which is impressively reflected this evening and which we also experience once and again in the course of our interventions” said Wolfgang Groß by drawing a parallel between the work of the firefighters and the humedica emergency interventions.

Lions-Club Kempten Müßigengel donates 1.000 Euro for emergency and disaster relief

Lions Club president Wilhelm Jörg, Lisa Wolff, Miriam Barta (both humedica employees) and Lions vice president Prof. Dr. Richard Geml. Photo: humedica

To the first club evening in 2019 the Lions Club Kempten Müßiggengel had not only invited it´s members, but also our two colleagues Lisa Wolff and Miriam Barta. These two presented an overview over our activities in the field of emergency and disaster interventions, our long-term development projects as well as the current challenges of international humanitarian aid. The presentations focused on our engagement in Indonesia, where by the end of September two earthquakes measuring 7,0 on the Richter scale and a following tsunami had caused massive destruction. humedica had immediately sent out a mobile intervention team to support the local partner organization Karya Alpha Omega Foundation by providing medical help and distributing important relief goods. This humedica engagement is still going on. „We really appreciate the opportunity to report about our work.“ Lisa Wolff thanked the Kempten Müßiggengel Lions for the invitation to their club evening. Subsequent to this event the Lions Club Kempten Müßiggengel has now donated 1.000 Euro for the emergency and disaster relief engagement of humedica. Thanks a lot for supporting our work!

Füssen Schindaufest proceeds go to people in need

A district of the historical center of Füssen, Germany, is called „Schindau“. It was home to craftspeople, who lived in this part of the Ostallgäu town for quite a long time. Each year the Schindauverein organizes various events in this quarter. One of these events is called „Schindaufest“ and takes place every year in summer. The Schindau e.V. donates the revenue of these events to various non-profit organizations. We are very grateful to receive 1.000 Euro this year. Thank you very much.


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