humedica headlines January 2019

by Sebastian Zausch,  2019/02/05

+++ imec-Messtechnik gives 110 thermologers +++ Hildegardis Gymnasium Kempten donates Christmas concert revenue +++ Energiesysteme Epple organizes charity event for customers +++ ESC Geretsried „teddybeartoss“ +++ GEFRO donates two Euro for each cosmetics order +++

imec-Messtechnik gives 110 thermologers

It is well known that most medicaments should be kept cool. Storage temperature is extremely important for the effect and the durability of drugs. So-called thermologers document also for us whether the correct storage temperature is constantly met while the medicaments are being transported worldwide. They log the exact data in fixed intervals to make them transparent. The Heilbronn company imec-Messtechnik has now donated 110 of these thermologers worth nearly 4.100 Euro to humedica. Many thanks for this valuable support.

humedica employee Miriam Barta is glad about the new thermologers donated by imec-Messtechnik for the pharmaceutical warehouse. Photo: humedica

Hildegardis Gymnasium Kempten donates Christmas concert revenue

Shortly before Christmas the Sankt-Mang Church in Kempten, Germany, was filled with many guests and manifold music: the Hildegardis Gymnasium Kempten had invited to its yearly Christmas concert. With presentations of its choirs, the orchestra and the big band the school created an evening full of atmosphere for its guests. In the course of the concert 2.100 Euro were collected for the humedica Yemen aid.

Spendenübergabe vom Hildegardis Gymnasium an humedica

Also in 2018 the Hildegardis Gymnasium Kempten donated the revenue of its Christmas concert to humedica. Photo: Alexander Feigl

With joy Lisa Wolff accepted the donation at the Hildegardis Gymnasium. "We are grateful for the extraordinary engagement of the pupils and all people responsible at the Hildegardis Gymnasium." says Wolff during the presentation in the school. The Kempten gymnasium had already supported several times the work of our relief organisation in the past.

Energiesysteme Epple organizes charity event for customers

Music also accompanied the end of November in Wald (Eastern Allgäu, Germany): the master workshop for energy systems Epple invited its clients and employees to a musical evening. More than three hours the guests enjoyed the musical of the "Singing in the woods" promoter and donated in total 1.309 Euro for our children´s and youth´s projects. "We are very glad and would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the commitment of the Epple company, its employees and customers." appreciates humedica employee Heinke Rauscher the social engagement of Epple during the donation presentation in Wald.

Spendenübergabe von Epple an humedica

Heinke Rauscher from humedica with the couple Fritz and Marianne Epple at the presentation of the donation. Foto: Epple

ESC Geretsried “teddybeartoss”

Ice hockey fans throw teddy bears on the ice to donate them to children´s projects of relief organisations. This Canadian custom is called “teddybeartoss” and has also widely spread in the German ice hockey leagues. Shortly before Christmas the Bavarian country league club ESC Geretsried has organised such a “teddybeartoss”. The teddy bears benefit our Christmas parcel campaign "Present from the heart" and our children´s projects.

Übergabe der gespendeten Teddybären vom ESC Geretsried an humedica

A happy beginning of the year for Cornelia Reich from humedica: the surprise teddy bear donation of the ESC Geretsried handed over by Alfons Müller at the humedica headquarters. Photo: humedica

Alfons Müller brought the teddy bears to the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren, Germany, by the beginning of the year. We say “Thank you very much” – as children and teddy bears simply belong together.

GEFRO donates two Euro for each cosmetics order

Buying cosmetics and supporting the humedica relief and emergency aid at the same time. In Christmas time this was possible for all customers of the GEFRO cosmetics company Calu. For each order the GEFRO general manager Thilo Frommlet donated two Euro to humedica. In the end this accumulated to impressive 6.860 Euro, which Frommlet handed over shortly after Christmas to our general manager Wolfgang Groß. "For many years now we support the work of humedica out of gratitude." tells us Frommlet at the presentation of the donation. "Most of all we admire how fast the intervention teams arrive on site in the event of emergencies." We thank Thilo Frommlet and GEFRO for their longstanding support.

Spendenübergabe von GEFRO und Calu an humedica

Handing over the cheque at the humedica headquarters (from the left): Marina Lang, Claudia Fischer (Calu. Kosmetik), Wolfgang Groß (humedica general manager) and Thilo Frommlet (general manager and owner of GEFRO). Photo: Calu. Kosmetik

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