humedica headlines February 2019

by Sebastian Zausch,  2019/03/11

+++ Josef Hebel GmbH supports Kara school in Ethiopia +++ Bottle deposit in V-Markt enables help for vulnerable people +++ Generous birthday donation: Former county commissioner Gebhard Kaiser supports humedica emergency aid +++ Kebab shop talk +++

Josef Hebel GmbH supports Kara school in Ethiopia

They live isolated, largely out of touch with what we call civilization. The Kara are a traditional tribe, which lives in the far South of Ethiopia at the bank of the river Omo near the border to South Sudan and Kenia. They live on what grows on their fields, they do not have cars or other modern means of transport. In former times the people had to take on several days of marching by foot to reach the next hospital, which is about 60 km away. Since nearly two years now humedica runs a health station in the Kara village Dus, which helps immensely to improve the living conditions of this tribe. The company Josef Hebel GmbH from Memmingen, Germany, has now donated 5.000 Euro to support our work in this remote region. This money will fund urgently needed renovations works at the village school as well as school benches, diverse school materials and schoolmaster robes. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for this generous support of our work.

humedica board member Heinke Rauscher (in the middle) is glad about the donation of Sabine Pierburg and Wolfgang Dorn from the Josef Hebel GmbH. Photo: humedica

Bottle deposit in the V-Markt enables help for vulnerable people

For four years now bottle deposits make good deeds possible in the V-Markt at the humedica home location Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz, Germany. Many customers do not cash their bottle deposit vouchers, but put them in a donation box, which is positioned nearby. Hence in 2018 bottle deposit vouchers worth 3.268 Euro were collected, which will benefit our projects. "This donation campaign is very special to us, because it combines the backing of the people from this region with the support of regional companies such as the V-Markt", humedica employee Miriam Barta told us during the donation presentation at Neugablonz, when store manager Markus Hildebrand and his representative Julia Geiger handed over the impressive amount of 3.268 Euro.

The corporate group Georg Jos. Kaes GmbH around the V-Markt supports the work of the Kaufbeuren relief organisation humedica since1981 with both needs-oriented donations in kind and monetary funding.

3.268 Euro the V-Markt Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz customers have donated in form of bottle deposit vouchers. Julia Geiger and Markus Hildebrand hand over the cheque to humedica employee Miriam Barta (in the middle). Photo: humedica

Generous birthday donation: Former county commissioner supports emergency aid

The former county commissioner of the Oberallgäu district in the far south of our republic has recently celebrated his 70th anniversary. Gebhard Kaiser asked his guests not to bring any presents, but to donate to three aid organisations he favors. The 230 guests to his party complied with his request and donated in total 52.300 Euro. Part of this money, 7.030 Euro, benefits also the humedica relief projects. "I am so glad about the donations on the occasion of my 70th birthday and would like to thank all sponsors." the former county commissioner Gebhard Kaiser said. We also say "Thank you very much".

In total the birthday party guests of former county commissioner Gebhard Kaiser donated 52.300 Euro. humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß and (from the left) Simon Gehring, Gebhard Kaiser and Herbert Barthelmes are happy that 7.030 Euro will benefit the emergency aid of humedica. Photo: Martina Diemand

Kebab shop talk

Quite an unusual location for an interview: In a kebab shop our general manager Wolfgang Groß answered the questions of the local television station allgä In the television broadcast "Dönerstalk" (kebab shop interview) he explained to moderator Boris Weltermann the proceedings of an humedica emergency aid intervention using the example of our Indonesian relief project. Afterwards they jointly looked back on in 40 years of humanitarian engagement at humedica.

The festivities on the occasion of the 40th humedica anniversary and the official retirement of Wolfgang Groß will take place the 25th May of 2019 around the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz, Germany. You are welcome to learn more about our work at our "Open House Day" and enjoy a charity concert. Come and celebrate with us. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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