humedica headlines April 2019

humedica-Schlagzeilen April 2019

by Sebastian Zausch,  2019/05/06

++++ 1.000 Euro by partying: Hello Eventteam donates disco event revenue ++++ Right to the point: Wortliga supports humedica text work ++++ Charitable gifts: 7.125 Euro for anniversary of Unterallgäu county commissioner ++++ Initiative Gebet Allgäu: 4.000 Euro for flood victims in South East Africa ++++

"Doing good can be fun." The Hello Eventteam from the Kleinwalsertal in Austria donates a party revenue for the emergency aid of humedica. humedica employee Sebastian Zausch gladly accepts the 1.000 Euro cheque. Photo: humedica

1.000 Euro by partying: Hello Eventteam donates disco party event revenue

Even before the 'Fridays for future' initiative it was well known that many young people were interested in the world´s mayor topics – like the Hello Eventteam from the Kleinwalsertal, which regularly organises events to liven up the Austrian valley. The revenues of these parties, which are attended by more than 400 Menschen also from the neighbouring Allgäu region, go to charitable purposes. In April the Hello Eventteam visited our humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren and brought with them a 1.000 Euro donation cheque. After a round tour of our warehouse and a presentation about our worldwide humanitarian engagement Hello Eventteam chairwoman Laura Biberger came to the following conclusion: "It was the right decision to donate the money to humedica. It has come to the right place. Doing good can also be fun." We say thanks for both the generous donation and the friendly visit.

Right to the point: Wortliga supports humedica text work

Also Wortliga head Gidon Wagner visited us in April. The text agency from Munich, Germany, consults enterprises how to make their texts both comprehensive and easier to find on the Internet. In order to be able to inform you even better in the future where in the world we are supporting people in need, we are glad to accept his help, which he provides for free. Thank you so much for this appreciated assistance which allows us to use our money for the support of people in need.

Wortliga head Gidon Wagner together with the humedica employees Cecilia Homilius and Lisa Wolff (from the left). Photo: humedica

Charitable gifts: 7.125 Euro for the anniversary of Unterallgäu county commissioner

What to give to a county commissioner, who turns 60 years old? Why not give a donation to humedica! The head of the Unterallgäu county Hans-Joachim Weirather had asked for donations to humanitarian organisations instead of gifts for his anniversary. And in fact, mayors, deputy county managers, county commissioners, entrepreneurs, representatives of authorities, organisations, schools, clinics, the church as well as friends and acquaintances splashed out: in total more than 28.500 Euro were collected for the good cause. 7.125 Euro go to us for the worldwide help of people in need. Thanks a lot, Mr. Weirather!

humedica chair member Heinke Rauscher (second from the left) is glad about the anniversary donation of the Unterallgäu county commissioner Hans-Joachim Weirather (in the middle). Photo: Rustler/Unterallgäu district

Initiative Gebet Allgäu: 4.000 Euro for flood victims in South East Africa

The Initiative Gebet Allgäu is a denominational, cross-party prayer initiative. It takes up societal topics and sponsors projects and activities in the region. The Development Minister Dr. Gerd Müller is the patron of this initiative, which had now invited our chair member Heinke Rauscher to present humedica´s work at its monthly meeting. In the course of an onstage interview she reported about our help in South East Africa after the cyclone Idai. Afterwards she was presented with a 4.000 Euro donation for our flood response project in this disaster region. Thank you very much for this important contribution.

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