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humedica celebrates jubilee and change at the top of management

Celebrating humedica´s 40th anniversary

by Sebastian Zausch,  2019/05/16

The 25th of May 2019 the Kaufbeuren aid organisation humedica celebrates its 40th anniversary. At the Open Day starting at 12 am, sponsors and other interested parties have not only the unique opportunity to experience humanitarian aid work processes „backstage“, but also to say goodbye to humedica co-founder and general manager Wolfgang Groß, who retires after 40 years of humanitarian engagement. His two successors, Heinke Rauscher and Johannes Peter, will also be present at the festivities. Saturday evening at 8 pm the Iveco Big Band from Ulm invites to a charity concert in front of the Gablonz House. Its revenue will benefit the humedica jubilee project, the funding area "Children and Education". With a monthly contribution of 19,79 Euro (a reminder of the humedica foundation in 1979) sponsors can support lastingly children in India, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Brazil and the Kosovo by offering new prospects through education.

On Saturday at 10 am the “Enterprise Lounge” takes place, a special event for companies, which have been supporting humedica for many years. From 12 am everybody is invited to visit the humedica premises at the Goldstraße 8 in Neugablonz, Germany. There the humanitarian aid organisation offers a family program, which allows for an interesting insight in its worldwide activities. Which are the organisational steps of a disaster intervention? What does await intervention team members on site in disaster areas? What exactly do the logistics of an intervention involve? Our relief workers will answer all these questions in person on site. An original intervention tent will give our visitors an authentic impression of how medical treatment is carried out in emergency situations. If you are game, you can already prepare a "Present from the heart" to bring joy to needy children in Eastern Europe next Christmas.

Children have already been in the focus of the humedica relief work. The organisation therefore asks to forego anniversary presents and to support instead our jubilee project, the funding area "Children and Education". With a monthly contribution of 19,79 Euro jubilee sponsors render support for children in need plannable. In countries like Sri Lanka, India, Brazil or Ethiopia being able to attend school it is not a given for all children. humedica children and education projects raise awareness for the fact that education is essential to improve the future of children. Hence the organisation offers specific, income-generating measures that enable parents to earn enough money to send their children to school: lasting support, which is made possible by the plannable donations of long-term donors.

At the anniversary festivities visitors have also the opportunity to say goodbye to humedica co-founder and general manager Wolfgang Groß, who will retire after 40 years as head of organisation. He will be succeeded by Heinke Rauscher and Johannes Peter, who have been working at humedica for many years and will build on the previous work of the organisation. Both will be present at the Open Day and available for further discussion.

A special highlight of the anniversary festivities will certainly be the charity concert of the Iveco Big Band, which comes up from Ulm to take part in this day. At 8 pm the band will perform at the citizens´ square in front of the Gablonz House and provide a good time for everybody for the benefit of the humedica jubilee projects. The concert was initiated by the long-standing humedica intervention team member Johannes Höß, who is one of the big band players. In poor weather the concert will take place on the premises of the Immanuel congregation, Desse Street No 5 in Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz, Germany.

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