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humedica celebrates 40 years of international humanitarian aid

by Heike Knauff-Oliver,  2019/05/24

For humedica the "40" was a top priority this weekend. For 40 years Wolfgang Groß has headed the Kaufbeuren aid organisation. 40 years of supply aid, emergency interventions with volunteers, ups and downs and the expansion of the worldwide humedica family. 40 years of charity in action. Now the new management starts a new era.

At the anniversary ceremony humedica-co-founder Wolfgang Groß handed not only over his red humedica vest to his successor Heinke Rauscher, but also his responsibility. Together with Johannes Peter she will run humedica in the future. Photo: Yves Hebinger

From all over the world, from near and far, guests arrived to express their thanks, to celebrate and to take part in the change at the top of the management. They came to celebrate, but also to exchange experiences and to engage in discussions. A lot of partners travelled long distances from the many continents and countries, where humedica is present with aid projects and fellowships. They took the opportunity to say good-bye in person to humedica co-founder and general manager Wolfgang Groß, who retires after 40 years of humanitarian engagement. "40 is a biblical number, it stands for development, trial and full maturity. It is now time to commit myself to new tasks and to pass on the reins of humedica into younger hands." explains the outgoing chairman. His two successors, Heinke Rauscher and Johannes Peter, presented themselves as new heads of the organisation at the celebration.

During the jubilee weekend donors and other interested visitors could experience the work of humedica "backstage". The work of the supply aid department for example was presented in a walk-in truck. Photo: Yves Hebinger

Friday, the partner meeting offered the opportunity to get to know each other better, to exchange experiences and to answer the question how humedica will continue its work in the future. "Our focus will remain on medical emergency aid. In a case of emergency, we are professional voluntary helpers and donors. We can learn from each other, support each other, and work together to get faster and better." comments the new board the plans for the future international cooperation. "We are collaborating for 26 years now. We would not be able to achieve much on our own, but with a joint effort, the great humedica family can save many lives and do a lot of good. Together we will prevail." said Dr. Prithiviraj, head of humedica Lanka. All made quite clear that the partnership with the German aid organisation is important, even crucial. "In the Philippines we have constantly to battle with the consequences of the climatic change. Only recently we have been hit by a severe earthquake and now already the season for heavy storms is at our doors. It is good to know that we are not alone in addressing our crises and disasters." explained Bishop Noel Alba Pantoja from the Philippine humedica partner PHILRADS.

About 1.000 visitors came on Saturday to celebrate and to appreciate humedica. The jubilee weekend started with an event for companies, which supported humedica for many years. The following Open Day offered sponsors and other interested visitors the unique chance to experience the course of humanitarian aid "backstage". The family program of the aid organisation presented an insight in its worldwide activities: team members told fascinating stories about their emergency interventions, about the procedures of emergency operations and what can happen on site in the disaster regions. Many visitors were impressed by the logistics involved in such interventions. Inside a genuine intervention tent medical treatment under emergency conditions was simulated as realistically as possible. Children and adults packed with much joy and even more heart packages destined for the humedica Christmas parcel campaign "Present from the heart". They will bring needy children in Eastern Europe a very special Christmas surprise. In the evening the Iveco Big Band invited all visitors to hot tunes. The revenue of the charity concert will benefit the humedica jubilee project, the "Children and Education" funding area.

The Iveco-Big Band appeared in the Neugablonz Immanuel community hall for the benefit of the humedica jubilee project. Photo: Yves Hebinger

Review and baton change were the highlights of the Sunday events. More than 400 people thanked in the celebratory mass for 40 blessed and graceful years

Children have always been in the focus of the humedica aid. The organisation therefore asks to forego presents and to donate for the jubilee project instead: the "Children and Education" funding area. With a monthly contribution of 19,79 Euro (in remembrance of the humedica founding in 1979) jubilee sponsors can give children in countries like India, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Brazil or the Kosovo a long-term perspective.

Standing ovations for the lifetime achievement of Wolfgang Groß at the jubilee celebration in the "Flohwiese" in Pforzen. Photo: Yves Hebinger

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