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humedica and PHILRADS help after earthquake in the Philippines

Food distribution in remote villages near Porac

by Lisa Wolff,  2019/04/29

Last week an earthquake measuring 6,1 destroyed many houses and whole villages in the Philippines. In the region surrounding the town Porac many remote communities were afflicted – such as Camias. Here alone four people died. The village community lives off agriculture. Its inhabitants have not only lost their homes, but also their harvest. Together with its longstanding partner PHILRADS humedica distributes food packages to the affected inhabitants of the village. Further relief measures are already planned. Please support the people in the Philippines!

The earthquake, which struck the Philippines on the 22th of April, has torn many people out of their lives all of a sudden – including the inhabitants of the small village Camias near Porac in the North Ouest of the capital Manila. Two men died on their fields. Due to the quakes a woman, who wanted to fetch water, fell into the river and drowned, another one was struck dead by her rooftop. 759 families had to be accommodated in provisory tent camps. Solely in between the aftershocks and for short periods only the inhabitants are able to return to both their destroyed houses and their fields, which are now ready for harvest. The situation is especially stressful, because the affected people belong to indigene families already on the margin of society, which have been resettled to Camias after the eruption of the volcano Pinatubo in 1991.

Provisorische Zeltunterkünfte nach Erdbeben auf den Philippinen

In Camias alone 759 families had to be accommodated in provisory tent camps after the earthquake. Photo: PHILRADS/humedica

Our longstanding partner PHILRADS was on site only hours after the earthquake. In close cooperation with the local authorities and other aid organizations they coordinate the relief efforts. As first important emergency aid measure PHILRADS distributes food packages to the families in Camias. As soon as the people in this village are provided for, the distributions will continue in Villa Maria and Diaz.

humedica supports the provision of these people with rice, bread, eggs, milk, salt, sugar and canned food with 38.000 Euro.

Please help us to continue our hands-on support for the affected people in the Philippines. Thanks a lot!

PHILRADS-Mitarbeiterin Bernardita Amor auf den Philippinen im Einsatz für humedica

Bernardita Amor from our local partner organization PHILRADS was on site only shortly after the earthquake to assist the people in Camias. Please support her help! Photo: PHILRADS/humedica

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