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Help for self-aid

Hospital sponsorship in Haiti – training as a way to independence

by Sebastian Zausch,  2019/08/12

Haiti is one of the poorest countries of the world. The country is plagued regularly by Cholera. The health care system is weak. The hospitals lack technical equipment. Since many years humedica has therefore been supporting the Hôpital Espoir in Port-au-Prince. In the course of the years and of many joint projects a trusted cooperation has evolved.

humedica and the Hôpital Espoir have been working well together for quite a long time. Photo: humedica

In 2018 humedica has arranged a hospital sponsorship with the Johannesbadkliniken, which has already brought sustainable help on its way: knowledge transfer as „help for self help“. The German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung supported the project financially. For one year ten voluntary medical professionals have trained about 100 clinic employees in the field of wound management, orthopaedics and the administration of antibiotics.

The orthopaedic training focused on physiotherapy. Photo: humedica

One of training topics was hygiene. „In particular for hospitals hygiene is indispensable.
It is elementary for the protection of patients as well as personnel, it prevents the spreading of diseases and supports the smooth healing of wounds. Unfortunately, the compliance with hygiene prescriptions can not be taken for granted all over the world”, explains humedica project manager Andrea Trautmann. Also the World Health Organization (WHO) draws attention to this fact on the Day of Hand Hygiene. In the Hôpital Espoir the „Hand Hygiene Celebration Day“ was initiated to demonstrate the importance of the use of disinfection agents.

Dr. Selin Temizel, the training practitioner, is glad about the positive response: „All clinic employees from the fields of nursing, laboratory, cooking, administration up to cleaning and security services were invited to inform themselves about the use and the correct application of hand disinfection agents. They could for example check their hands on germs and bacteria under UV light before and after having disinfected them. All things considered, the campaign was received very well.“

The UV lamp uncovers pathogenic germs. Photo: humedica

Our team was not only able to heighten the attention for hygiene, but also had economic success: as of now, thanks to the more efficient procurement of hygiene agents the Hôpital Espoir can save substantial costs and improve its economic situation considerably

The program „Train the Trainers“ schooled three employees to monitor the application of the learned content and to continue the trainings on site. The aim is to enable the clinic to become independent from the support of foreign professionals.

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