Help after the tsunami in Indonesia

humedica intervention team brings medical assistance, food packages and hope to the people in Java.


The 22th of December a tsunami caused much damage on the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra: from one moment to the next about 12.000 people lost their homes as well as all their belongings, at least 1.500 were severely injured, 430 died.

On Christmas eve the experienced humedica helpers Dr. Hansi Sobez, Dr. Alexander Jouwena and Klaus Ruhrmann set off for the disaster region to assist on site our local partner organisation Karya Alpha Omega Foundation for about two weeks. The photographer and media coordinator Daniel Reiter accompanied the three medical intervention team members.

In the meantime all four of them have safely returned to Germany. They brought along many images and stories, which illustrate the extent of the disaster.

In nine villages along the coastline of Banten in Java the humedica team could provide medical care for 1.546 people together with their colleagues from Alpha Omega and distribute 1.000 care packages with basic food. Mainly they provided general and basic medical care and treated injury induced illness. Due to the recent events many people suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder and need emotional as well as psychological assistance.

Even after the acute emergency phase the people in Indonesia depend on our support.

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