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Hand in hand for people in need

Kaufbeuren head mayor visits humedica

by Heike Knauff-Oliver,  2019/06/28

humedica was the seventh station of this years´s „24 hours tour“ of the head mayor of Kaufbeuren, Stefan Bosse. A good opportunity to meet in person the new humedica board, Heinke Rauscher and Johannes Peter. „We will continue to work hand in hand to make the name of Kaufbeueren well known in the rest of the world in the course of the humedica interventions for people in need“, confirmed the head mayor. He also became more familiar with a practical part of the medical work of humedica: at the meeting the humedica volunteer Susanne Engelhart put his hand in plaster. Plastering is part of the regular intervention training, explained humedica chairman Johannes Peter. In this case, forming a plastered hand is also part of the information work, complemented Heinke Rauscher, humedica chairwoman and responsible person for the communication activities of the organization. Together with the hand prints of the new two general managers of humedica, later on the moulding will form a sculpture, which will symbolize humedica´s close bond with the city of Kaufbeuren.

The city of Kaufbeuren and humedica continue to work hand in hand. The plastered hands will symbolize their closeness. Photo: humedica


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