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Welcome to "Present from the heart" 2019

by Sebastian Zausch,  2019/10/04

This year again, the big Christmas parcel campaign „Present from the heart“of the Bavarian aid organization humedica will bring special joy to children in need. The campaign is once more supported by „Sternstunden e.V“, which funds the logistic costs for the parcels to be distributed in Bavaria and Eastern Europe. Media partner is the radio program Bayern 2. It supports „Present from the heart“ once more with appeals and will inform about how the help is organized and how it is received by the children.

Noticeably less parcels are packed for older boys than for children of other ages. But they, too, are looking forward to their “Presents from the heart”. Photo: humedica

Who does not only want to give presents to his loved ones at Christmas, but would also like to bring Christmas joy to children in need, is welcome to take part in our Christmas parcel campaign „Present from the heart”. Since 2003 this initiative brings Christmas gifts to children from especially needy families, mainly in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe thanks to the support of Sternstunden e.V.. Without the unwavering committment of hundreds of voluntary helpers and parcel packers these children often would not even have a toothbrush of their own or a warm cap.

People all over Bavaria fill shoeboxes with nice and useful presents for children such as toys or exercise books. They bring them to one of the nearby collection points, which play a crucial role in the realization of the campaign. Many industrious helpers pick up the parcels at these collection points and bring them to the humedica headquarters, where all parcels will be monitored and prepared for shipment.

Volunteer drivers pick up the parcels at the collection points. Photo: humedica

Trucks bring the „Presents from the heart“ to six East-European campaign countries, for example Romania, Albania or Ukraine. Charitable institutions then take over and distribute the parcels to needy children.

But the „Presents from the heart“ initiative is not limited to Europe. Overseas, too, children in need receive Christmas parcels. In order to avoid high transport costs to countries like Ethiopia, Brazil, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Haiti or Zimbabwe, these parcels are packed on site, where local needs can be taken into account, too.

To realize this very special help, humedica aks to donate 20 Euro, an amount, which covers the costs of the items packed in one Christmas parcel. The teams of humedica subsidiary organizations, friendly institutions and many volunteers help to realize this initiative in the countries mentioned above.

A very special event will take place the 9th of November 2019 on the Obere Kaiser Max-Street in Kaufbeuren, Germany. On the occasion of humedica´s 40th anniversary, the home town of the aid organization will become this year´s „Present from the heart“ Christmas Parcel Town. In the Christmassy atmosphere of a colorful afternoon family celebration Kaufbeuren citizens will be the first to have the opportunity to hand over their lovingly prepared parcels to the „Present of the heart“-truck in order to send them to children in need.

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