Food for North Korea

humedica sends 450 tons of rice and soybeans

by Heike Knauff-Oliver,  2019/04/04

humedica has sent out 450 tons of food in response to a call for help from the UNO and the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea There, people are currently facing a severe famine. The help aims to provide balanced nutrition for people, who suffer the most from the hunger crisis. Children´s homes as well as hospitals, which already have a longstanding relationship with humedica, will receive this help in the first place in order to ensure that the relief goods will reach the right places. The delivery of 350 tons of rice and 100 tons of soybeans will mainly benefit children as well as expectant and nursing mothers.

„We would like to thank our sponsors, who reacted immediately to our plea for donations. Since many years this is the main reason why humedica is able to react so promptly.“ humedica co-founder and general manager Wolfgang Groß comments on this campaign.

The relief delivery included rice and soybeans worth 175.000 Euro, which had been purchased in China and were then transported in a long convoy of lorries to North Korea.

450 tons of food have reached North Korea overland. Photo: humedica

Since quite a long time North Korea has been battling against food shortages. The consequences of the climate change had brought on natural disasters such as cyclones, torrents and long-term draughts, which had caused serious harm to the food production. In the last year the Asian country has had the poorest harvest since approximately ten years. The UNO estimates that due to a severe crop production downturn approximately 10.3 million people depend on food aid - about 43 per cent of the overall population.

The people in Noth Korea are suffering from strict sanctions because of the strained political situation. humedica is engaged in this country for more than 20 years mainly in the field of medical aid. Several times already humedica was also able to help the people in North Korea after natural disasters thanks to the support of many sponsors.

North Korea is one of the so-called „Forgotten Crises“. humedica has set itself the task to provide help in particular for people, whose suffering gets hardly any public attention.

„We kindly ask the German population for continued solidarity in form of dedicated donations, because we would like to extend our engagement in North Kores and to distribute more food to starving children, women and men.“ says Wolfgang Groß.

In the last 20 years humedica could provide the people in North Korea with more than 726.3 tons of high-quality medical materials worth approximately 5.87 million Euro. Most of these relief goods were transported in containers by sea from Germany to North Korea.

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