Every girl has unlimited potential

by Anna Grabner-Strobach,  2019/11/18

Worldwide countless girls are oppressed every day. But everywhere in the world resistance is growing in order to disrupt old power structures to create, in the end, a just and equitable society. With the introduction of the „International Girls Day“, the UNO calls upon the world to draw attention to the disadvantages for girls and to invest in their health, security and education. The international intention behind this campaign is to nurture a generation of equality along the future “International Girls Days” on the 11th of October each year.

The "International Girls Day" is meant to draw attention to the disadvantages of girls all over the world. Photo: humedica India

India is one of the countries, where women rights are still downtrodden systematically. Due to a century -long tradition forced marriages and dowries – which are forbidden since 1961 – are not uncommon. Everyday girls and women face discrimination and violence. But the countermouvement is growing - also thanks to cross-border educational campaigns like the “International Girl Child Day” and many courageous women, who are aware of their rights and fight for them.

„Every girl has unlimited potential.“ This was the motto of this year´s “International Day of the Girl Child” on the 11th of October. Also our partner organization humedica India has responded to the UNO appeal and has, on the occasion of the „International Girls Day”, encouraged girls to become aware of their rights and to develop their potential.

On the occasion of the „International Girls Day“ the English-spoken Peniel English Higher Primary School organized a festivity and invited many female personalities. Photo: humedica India

„This is a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness for this day together with the rest of the world in order to fight injustice.“ we were told by our partner organization.

The children were divided by ages and had the possibility to attend various workshops. The smallest could colour pictures of famous women, the older ones could inform themselves about interesting professions for women such as astronaut, engineer or practitioner.

The smallest could colour pictures of famous women. Photo: humedica India

The older ones also discussed the possibilities to improve the common living conditions. Topics were not only hygiene and environment, but also the necessity to strengthen the role of women and equal civil rights for everyone in the whole country. The aim was to raise awareness among the girls that they could actively take part in the process of change in order to improve the future they will live in.

The girls must know how important their voice is to the world. Photo: humedica India

Highlight of the festival, which was financed by the Rittal Foundation, were the attendance of various local and international personalities. They meant to inspire and to give the participating girls courage and hope for their future and their choice of profession. The speakers also talked about great historical figures such as the politician Indira Gandhi and Mother Teresa, who are role models for a whole generation of girls in India. These personalities demonstrate that women and girls can achieve everything in life.

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