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Emergency aid after cyclone in South East Africa: humedica sends out medical team to Malawi

by Lisa Wolff,  2019/03/16

humedica has sent out a three-person intervention team to Malawi after the continuing storms and massive rainfalls of the cyclone Idai had caused floods in many South East African countries. In Malawi alone nearly a million people are affected by the natural disaster, more than 80.000 people had to be evacuated. The number of injured people as well as that of casualties is rising further. The humedica team members will set out on Sunday evening and will reach the disaster region in Malawi on Monday.

In the night to the 15th of March the tropical storm Idai has hit Mozambique with wind velocities of up to 140 kilometers per hour. Heavy and persistent rains caused massive destruction in the bordering country Malawi. Here alone up to one million people are affected by the heavy floods. More than 80.000 inhabitants had to leave their houses and to seek refuge in camps. Today it is assumed that approximately 600 people are injured and 56 dead, with rising tendency. The neighboring states report disaster consequences of similar proportions.

humedica is in close contact with Emmanuel International Malawi and will support the emergency intervention of the local partner organisation on site. "We have already collaborated with Emmanuel International Malawi in other crisis situations so that we were able to decide quickly to get involved.", explained Johannes Peter, member of the humedica board. The last time humedica and Emmanuel International had cooperated was 2015 in Malawi, also to provide help after heavy floods.

Katharina Mayer (Munich, Germany), who will act as coordinator, as well as the medical professionals Liesel Ruff (Bonn, Germany) and Astrid de Kuijer (the Netherlands) will travel for humedica to Malawi. The humedica intervention team will set out in the evening of the17th of March and will meet the local partner organisation Emmanuel International Malawi on Monday, the 18th of March in Blantyre.

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