Earthquake in the Philippines: help for daily survival

Erdbeben Philippinen: Hilfe zum täglichen Überleben

by Heike Knauff-Oliver,  2019/06/06

After the earthquake in the Philippines humedica provides another 700 families together with its local partner PHILRADS.

"The families, who have been hit by the earthquake, are so grateful. We bring real joy to them. They do not only get food, they also feel cared for. These people feel cherished once again." reports Bernardita Amor, who currently is on site for the humedica partner PHILRADS to help the earthquake victims in the Philippines.

After the earthquake, which took place the 22nd of April in Central Luzon, PHILRADS immediately cooperated with other local partners to evaluate the consequences of the quakes measuring 6,1. They quickly analyzed the situation in the area and defined the most urgent requirements. Till date 759 families in the Porac region have been provided with absolute necessities. Following further inquiries now another 700 needy families with children in the neighboring areas will receive support.

Food for 700 affected families in the earthquake area. Photo: humedica

The affected families receive each 25 kilos of rice and beans as well as hygiene necessities to keep them healthy. "It is difficult to stay fair as there are families with only three, but also families with thirteen children. We still have to respect our regulations, all of them receive the same amount of supply." tells us the helper. The food helps to cover their immediate needs while the people start to repair their houses, to clear the area or wait for their resettlement.

"Your support from Germany makes a great difference in the lives of the many people, who have been hit by the disaster. Thank you so much, thank you humedica!" adds Bernardita Amor, who is also lovingly called "Baby Amor" here.

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