Earthquake in Pakistan – thousands of people need help

by Heike Knauff-Oliver,  2019/10/01

On Tuesday, the 24th of September at 04:01 pm an earthquake measuring 5,8 ten kilometers under the ground let tremble the North-Eastern part of Pakistan. Tremors hit in particular the North-Eastern region of Kashmir, the province Punjab, as well as the capital Islamabad. The earthquake rocked mainly Pakistan, but was also perceived in the neighboring countries Afghanistan and India.

The earthquake wrecked many buildings or damaged them to an extent that they are now in danger of collapsing. Photo: PAK Mission

According to initial reports the Mirpur district has been hit the hardest in Kashmir. Streets, bridges, houses and places have been damaged to a large extent by the tremors. A 14 km long main street has been nearly entirely destroyed. Power and water supply, information and communication systems have broken down. According to the National Disaster Management there are more than 30 mortalities and more than 600 partly seriously injured persons. Thousands of people have lost their homes. Children and women are the main victims. These people need tents, blankets, food as well as medical care including general medical services, ultrasound and X-ray devices.

humedica has provided it´s longstanding partner organization PAK Mission with an emergency aid of 15.000 Euro. The contingency supply with tents, food and water has already started. Immediately after the earthquake a team of four employees has been send off to analyze the needs in the Mirpur district. The houses of the six villages, which have been visited, are damaged seriously up to 90 per cent or have even been entirely destroyed. They are unhabitable.

Coordinators of the partner organization PAK Mission strive to obtain an overview on site. Photo: PAK Mission

„People are afraid to sleep under a roof, so they spend the night in tents or in the open. The village inhabitants have asked for tents. Especially the children are frightened. The earthquake has wrecked all their belongings and houses. It will take months till people can return to normality,“ reports the responsible employee Sajjid.

Due to the ongoing rupture of power supply water pumps are still not working. The government and local non-governmental organizations provide drinking water. But as the actual need is too big, they are not able to supply all people. As far as possible the government and the military try to provide medical care. But mobile clinics are needed to help people in the remote villages.

The persistent rainfall after the earthquake complicates the whole situation further. The forthcoming winter season will be a hard challenge for the afflicted people in Kashmir. We would like to support the relief measures for 500 families with the following items: 200 wintertide tents, drinking water and food for two meals a day, which will be distributed to 500 families for seven days. We need your help to see this through. Please support us with a donation!

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