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Earthquake in Albania – humedica sends out intervention team

Team to start tomorrow from Munich

by Nina Göldner,  2019/11/27

humedica e.V. sends out a three-person intervention team to Albania, which has been shook by massive quakes. The number of victims after the earthquakes measuring 6.4 is still increasing. At the moment the authorities assume at least 27 fatalities. The humedica helpers will set off tomorrow for the disaster region.

Hundreds of buildings are in danger of collapsing and unhabitable now. Photo: Ergest Biti

According to the media it has been the worst earthquake in the region for decades. „Naturally, we want to provide fast and direct help. One humedica employee comes directly from our offices in the Kosovo, at the same tame we coordinate a team from Germany to assist the people on site in this difficult situation.“, explains Johannes Peter, managing director of humedica.

Our project manager Vjollca Racaj will fly from Munich to Albania together with our experienced coordinator Dieter H. Schmidt from Nesselwang, Germany. In the capital Tirana they will meet our colleague Alban Bytyqi from humedica Kosovo. From there on our local partner organizations Christ for the Nations Albania (CfN) und Swiss Foundation for Innovation (sfi-foundation) will organize the travel onward to the disaster area.

Please find more information on this intervention and the situation in Albania on our website or the humedica social media profiles.

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