Destruction after earthquake in the Philippines

humedica assists reconstruction

by Heike Knauff-Oliver,  2019/08/07

In the middle of the night the earth shook several times in the Philippine province of Batanes. On Saturday, the 27th of July, many people were woken up by the heavy tremors. The Richter scale measured 5.4, later on even 5.9. Houses came down. Authorities are already talking about at least eight mortalities and many injured people. More aftershocks followed. People fled into the open. Many of them still live in emergency camps on public grounds.

Since many years now humedica has been active in the Philippines in cooperation with the reliable local aid organization PHILRADS, which contacted the humedica headquarters the same day to ask for help.

Tents as emergency accommodations at the plaza of Itbayata. Photo: PHILRADS/humedica

„Many people in the Philippines are left with nothing after this terrible earthquake. Naturally we are trying to help by any possible means“, says Johannes Peter, managing director of humedica. humedica was able to support the immediate help with 10,000 Euro. Since the weekend PHILRADS now distributes the emergency aid to approximately 170 families, whose homes have been destroyed. About 40 Euro for each family – which corresponds to a weekly income in the Philippines. Thus nearly 850 people receive a start-up support for the reconstruction.

PHILRADS coordinator Bernadita Amor distributes the financial aid. Photo: PHILRADS/humedica

Together with the local church communities the humedica partner PHILRADS continues to coordinate the emergency aid in the towns hit by the earthquake and helps, where it is needed most.
The Philippine archipelago is situated at the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire. Once and again earthquakes cause heavy destruction, mortalities and casualties. Only last year humedica had sent out an intervention team to the islands after the typhoon Mangkhut.

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