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Dengue fever epidemic: call for help from Honduras

Children must be protected from mosquitos

by Heike Knauff-Oliver,  2019/08/27

These days humedica received a call for help from the embassy in Honduras: a countrywide dengue fever epidemic is raging in Honduras, which spreads constantly. humedica supports the prevention and protection against the virus of children and youths, who are treated by Child Aid Honduras as well as an associated clinic.

About 300 children live on the Santa Fe Ranch. Photo: nph Child Aid Latin America

The dengue virus is transferred by mosquitos, it causes high fever, muscular pains and, in the worst case, also bleedings. It is particularly aggressive towards elder people and children. Even so every year several cases of dengue and other diseases transferred by mosquitos are reported, the number of infections in 2019 has been especially alarming in Honduras. More than 35,000 people have been diagnosed with the disease. Approximately 60 Kinder died of dengue till date. It is feared that the pandemic will expand further in the second half of the year. That is why the Honduran health minister has declared a state of emergency. August, September and October are the months, which bring the most rainfall. The intensified rain will also increase the number of mosquitos

„New prevention materials enable us to protect our children patients and employees not only for this year, but also in the years to come“, explains Lauren Pach, coordinator of the organization Child Aid Latin America, nph for short. nph cares for approximately 300 socially vulnerable children and youths, who live on the Santa Fe Ranch outside the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa. The ranch is situated in vast open land in the wilderness amidst grass and trees. Regrettably, this beautiful natural environment is also the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos, which prosper and multiply in these humid areas overgrown with tall weeds especially in the rainy season. The extension of the premises makes it difficult to keep the vegetation under control. Machines are needed to keep the growth within boundaries that allow to prevent diseases transferred by mosquitos.

Luckily, till date none of the children has been diagnosed with dengue. Due to the alarming statistics nph is now preparing measures to protect the children and employees from the pandemic. Thanks to many prevention measures such as educational talks on the topic of public health, the dissection of walls with chemicals, the in-depth cleansing of houses and buildings and disinfection activities to kill mosquitos, the worst could be warded off till date.

The dengue fever is in particular dangerous for children. Photo: nph Child Aid Latin America

The humedica emergency aid allows for the installation of mosquito nets in all clinic rooms used by children and seniors. For good measure, further mosquito repellent aids will support the health authorities in preventing and treating the dengue disease.

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