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Cyclone aid South East Africa: humedica team distributes aid supplies in Malawi

by Lisa Wolff,  2019/03/25

The inhabitants of the remote villages of Malawi have been hit particularly hard by the last natural disaster: their already frugal household goods have often been lost in the floods. To support the affected people on site our humedica helpers have distributed a first selection of important aid supplies. Especially blankets and buckets to transport food and water are urgently needed. They were able to fit out about 330 households in two small villages near Zomba.

Hilfsgüterverteilung von humedica und Emmanuel International in Malawi

This weekend humedica and Emmanuel International Malawi have distributed first important aid supplies to the people living near Zomba. Photo: humedica

"Together with our local partner Emmanuel International Malawi we have penetrated the depths of the flooded area surrounding Zomba. Thus we were able to get in contact with a lot of people, who have received no or only minimal help so far.", tells us humedica coordinator Katharina Mayer. Our team has also handed over the humedica Medikit to the hospital in Chikwawa. "Everybody was very grateful for this drug donation, because also the clinic is lacking most necesseties. We are convinced that the Medikit materials will be put to very good use here."

Krankenhaus in Malawi an das humedica Medikamente spendete

The hospital in Chikwawa has to manage with the bare necessities. The drugs and the bandaging materials of the humedica Medikit have been most welcome. Photo: humedica

Emmanuel International Malawi will continue to organise further large-scale distributions of aid supplies even after the departure of the humedica team. Please stay on and support the people in Malawi on their way back to their daily routine with a donation and a prayer. Thank you so much!

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