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Cyclone aid South East Africa: Help for Malawi

by Lisa Wolff,  2019/03/21

In the last hours and days our humedica team has witnessed the situation in Malawi at first hand. Thousands of people live in provisional accommodations. Their fields and therefore also the upcoming harvest have been destroyed by the floods. Food and basic necessities are lacking. In close collaboration with our partner Emmanuel International Malawi and the local authorities we are currently preparing a plan of action. As fast as possible we will distribute important aid supplies such as blankets, buckets and plastic tarpaulins to provide protection against the rain. To secure the livelihood of the people we will on the long term also provide seeds and saplings so that they will be able to cultivate their crops.

Menschen in behelfsmäßigen Camps nach Überschwemmungen in Malawi

The people in Malawi are lacking almost everything after the floods. Currently we are preparing the distribution of important relief goods such as blankets, buckets and tarpaulins. Photo: humedica

"It is important to us to provide really sustainable help." says Katharina Mayer, who coordinates the relief measures for humedica on site. "We work very closely with Emmanuel International and the local health authorities in order to bring the help to where it is needed most."

That is the reason why the relief good distributions of humedica and Emmanuel International will at first focus on the region surrounding Zomba in Malawi. Here the needs are especially high. In this area floods are rare. Reinforced by the cyclone Idai the extent of the floods had therefore hit most people completely unprepared.

Zerstörtes Haus in Malawi nach den Überschwemmungen

The storms hit the people living in the Zomba region in Malawi by surprise and brought massive destruction. Photo: humedica

"As a practitioner I focus mainly on the medical needs of the people here.", reports humedica intervention team member Liesel Ruff. "Luckily the health situation is not as critical as the lack of food and daily necessities. We will hand over the humedica Medikit to a local health care station on site, which is already visiting the camps in this region regularly."

With the drugs and dressings contained in the Medikit up to 3.000 people can be treated. It is intended to prevent the impending spread of diseases such as Malaria amongst other measures by distributing mosquito nets.

Further comprehensive relief good distributions are planned. To help as many people as possible in these forgotten regions of Malawi in this difficult situation we urgently need your support. Thank you so much for any form of commitment.

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