Brazil: Soccer star gives children hope

Children´s dreams come true

by Heike Knauff-Oliver,  2019/09/20

Soccer means also hope for a lot of children in Brazil. Photo: Christoph Jorda

For 25 years now humedica takes care of children, who live under precarious circumstances in Brazil. In July this year the multiple German soccer champion Antonio da Silva visits the children of humedica Brazil in Nova Friburgo. „Whether black or white, refugee or migrant, rich or poor, children or adults from various religions, sports unites them all“, knows the native Brazilian called „Toni“ by everyone. Antonio does not only speak their language, he also understands their problems. If he talks to them about soccer, he captures their hearts immediately – he is one of them, he has succeeded. When he tells his stories, the children are keen to listen:

“I started to play very early“, Toni remembers. Thirteen years old, he begins his career in his hometown sports club Flamengo Rio de Janeiro. When in1991 he emigrates with his mother to Germany, sport helps him to find friends in this foreign country. Soccer is his life. „You need friends as well as sponsors“, Toni knows. His longstanding companion, trainer, motivator and friend is Jürgen Klopp. After some difficulties in the beginning he rises into the professional soccer league via Eintracht Frankfurt to FSV Mainz 05. The career of the ambitious Brazilian is meteoric. Well-known clubs such as VfB Stuttgart, Karlsruher SC and FC Basel follow. With Borussia Dortmund he even wins the German Championship twice. Then his career as a soccer professional comes to an aprupt end.

In the following video Antonio da Silva talks about his visit to the children:

One moment a hero, the other moment the descent. He had to deal with success as well as failure. „For me it has been the soccer, which has shown me the most important human values. Values such as respect, loyalty, tolerance, trust, responsibility and compassion. These are the clues to make your life successful“, Toni explains. Today, he imparts exactly these qualities. Experience and deep faith are his motivation for doing good to the world. „It gives me great pleasure to work with needy children from all over the world. This way I can give back something, which has been given to me by soccer, by life. I have got it for free and so I pass it on for free“, he says.

Certainly, this is not his last visit to the children from humedica Brazil. Together with humedica, Antonio da Silva wants to bring more joy and hope into the life of these children: „If you take children seriously and if you support them in school and in sports, then everything is possible. I am honoured to help and to be now part of humanitarian projects“, Antonio tells us.

Soccer star Antonio da Silva with the kitchen team of the humedica children day care center in Brazil. Photo: Da Silva

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