Bye bye humedica bus

wie der blaue Bus Leben verändert

by Anna Grabner-Strobach,  2019/12/16

The earth trembles. Deep cracks appear in the walls. Rubble falls down. An unbearably loud sound starts to spread. People get injured, buried and trapped under debris.

After an earthquake no stone is left standing. Within minutes families are torn apart and people become homeless. Without any warning and any fault one single moment changes life in whole regions. Like three weeks ago in Albania, where the heaviest earthquake for decades claimed more than 50 lives. 650 people were injured, about 30.000 have lost their homes.

When the earth stands still again, a traumatized population is left behind. Misery, fear and grief remain constant companions for the victims. Everybody, who survives such an extreme situation, suffers from psychological long-term effects. Haunting memories, the loss of a loved one or of one´s livelihood are not easy to cope with.

That is all that is left for the family. Photo: humedica

Through our partner in Albania, Swiss Foundation for Innovation (SFI), we know that the people in the affected area urgently need assistance to process the events. Even so there are enough psychologists on site, there are no means of transport. We therefore converted the humedica bus into a trauma vehicle ready to be used for psychological aftercare. The bus, which has already rendered good services to humedica in former times, will now support the trauma treatment as a motorized donation in kind.

Some hours ago, two volunteers set off to the South, where the bus is already awaited eagerly. The bus is packed to the roof with relief goods, too. Tent furniture such as washstands and racks will alleviate life for the people in the provisory accommodations. Bye bye dear humedica bus! We thank you for your services and hope that you will be as reliable in Albania as you have been in Kaufbeuren.

Our two volunteers are already on their way to Albania. Photo: humedica

Naturally, we will keep you informed about the last big trip of our humedica bus. We keep our fingers crossed and wish a safe journey!

Your support makes our work possible

Still, many people in Albania live in provisory tent accommodations. Please donate for the earthquake victims in Albania. Thank you so much.

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